April 21, 2015

15 Kitchen Finds Under $50 from Anthropologie

As referenced here, I am an Anthropologie addict.  So hopefully you haven’t gotten sick of me posting about my love for that little shop.  Today I bring you 15 kitchen and dining products all under $50 – perfect for a gift..or, ahem, for yourself.  How cute, ha?  You can find the full collection here!

Happy shopping.  #sorrynotsorry

April 19, 2015

My One-Year Anniversary With Miami

Dear Miami,
Wow, I can’t believe we have been together for one year.  It feels like just yesterday that we met.  It’s funny how time flies, isn’t it?  I remember our first date vividly.  I was pregnant.  You were sunny and skinny and tempted me with cocktails and late nights.  It wasn’t the best first date I had ever been on, especially for someone who was 4 months pregnant and awkwardly chunky.  But, I continued to stay interested.

You played hard to get with helping me find a house.  I think that’s when I seriously considered breaking up with you.  Houses with mirrors.  Houses with rodents.  Houses with teenage Argentinean boys living in the kitchen, on a mattress, with a box of chips ahoy cookies.  Houses that qualified perfectly for HGTV’s Fixer Upper.  But, what is a fixer upper without Chip and Joanna Gaines?  Nothing.  It’s nothing.

And while you dangled crappy and/or ridiculously overpriced homes in front of me, I lived in a hotel.  I worked in a hotel.  I ate in a hotel.  I slept in a hotel.  Yes, hotel living seems glamorous.  And yes, the W South Beach is certainly an okay place to live.  For a couple weeks.  But, really, Miami?  5 months and you couldn’t get me a house?  Come on, that’s such a tease! I know you are known for hotels and Collins avenue and Lincoln road and bad traffic and Lebron James and sushi hand rolls for $10 and hot, unpregnant Latin American babes rollerblading on the boardwalk.  But.  Come on.  You had to offer more than hotels and Lincoln Road for me to take you seriously. 

Okay.  You wanted to play hard to get?  Fine.  Challenge accepted.  I knew there had to be more to you.  I knew I just needed to get past the surface, peel back some layers and dig deeper to find out who the real you was.  The real Miami.  Not Collins avenue Miami.

In the meantime, I do owe you an apology.  While you were tempting and teasing during our romantic courtship (and being a bit of a jack a$$), I was having a mental love affair with my former relationship, Chicago.  Have you met her?  I can say for certain if you did, you would fall in love (despite how hot and cold you both can be).  I won’t go into the details as the sin has been committed.  But, count this as my open confession of how I cheated on you (just emotionally and mentally; not physically).  Don’t worry, I have repented.  Chicago moved on.  I’ve moved on.

When I just couldn’t go back to Chicago, I refocused back on you.  Because, after all, you were pursuing me very, very hard.  And I was flattered.  And interested.  With your bright sunshine.  Your palm trees waiving in the sky.  Your slight jerkiness/bad boy attitude.  Your mildly perfect temperature on those blissful October evenings.  Okay fine, there was something between us.  Something I slowly starting seeing in you.

You eventually gave me a home that I didn’t have to spend $100k rehabbing.  Yes, it’s in what I would call sub-urbania (a cross between suburbia and urban living).  But, it has a backyard that is lush and screams “please, please drink wine and eat food out here!”  And Alex, my gardener, who picked avocados from MY avocado tree?  And Helen and Jim, the retired, lovely neighbors?  And a grocery store that is walkable? And a perfect nursery for our soon-to-be baby?  Oh and speaking of the baby.  Yeah, the conception happened in…gasp…Chicago.  Please see aforementioned apology.

And Barbara and Sebastian, our first friends?  And a beach within 15 minutes?  And a church that feels like home?  And the best Italian pizza joint in all of Miami?  And a gourmet sausage shop?  And nice people who work at the post office?  And more neighbors?  And more friends?

Okay, Miami, you had me at sausage and pizza.

Seriously.  I really wanted to give up on you.  There are so many other cities I could be dating, per Tinder.  Er, I mean, Zillow.

But I guess this is what relationships are like, aren’t they?  Tempting and honeymoon-esque at first.  And then the first fight.  And judging what’s on the outer layers.  And praying it will work out.  Out of desperation, out of fear of failure, out of pride.  And wanting to run so far away, even to Orlando for crying out loud.  At 6 months in, I wanted to leave.  Be done.  Look for some other city more perfect.  Skinnier.  Prettier.  With better farmers markets.  And better people.  Because you aren’t perfect and I am looking for perfection.

And this is where the rubber meets the road, Miami.  And I didn’t leave.  Because perfect doesn’t exist in any city.  Not even in…Chicago (but man oh man, she’s a beaut).


So I stayed.  And you introduced me to your friends.  Your restaurants.  Your Barre class.  Your babies.  Your babies’ momma’s.  You let me in.  Into your family, your culture, your cuisine.

And.  I got butterflies again.  Like on our first date (except this time I was able to drink the cocktail).  And as I got to know the real, flawed you, I fell harder.  I fell harder for the Miami that, yes, has issues.  And isn’t perfect.  And still has bad traffic and overpriced crappy sushi hand rolls (Come on!  You are on the ocean!  How could Chicago have better sushi than Miami?!).  But the Miami that also is vibrant.  Illustrious.  Mysterious.  Cultured.  Beautiful, inside and out.  Filled with love and hearts of people from all over the world.  This is the Miami I am falling in love with.

And so.  It has been a year.  And I think I am ready to take the next step in our relationship.

Miami, will you marry me?

April 13, 2015

This Season’s Wow-Worthy Blazer

Living in Miami, I am now very much attracted to all things white.  It’s in all year round and looks good on everyone.  White jeans, white bathing suits, white shorts, white dresses.  Seriously, white is hot.  And finding this gem of a white blazer from Anthropologie was such a score.  Leave it to Anthro to {of course} have the best white blazer ever.

The good news is that white is in season for you all as well.  Which means we all can bask in the glory of this staple piece that flatters even a nursing, 5 months postpartum mom.  It’s a woven cotton material, the inner lining is gorgeous {perfect for cuffing} and it lays very nicely.  I am going to pair this with a fitted dress.  T-shirt and weathered jeans.  Shorts with heels.  Honestly, you can wear this jacket so many ways.

Without further ado, enter the Anthropologie wow-worthy blazerNote the model has it cuffed up a lot; the sleeves are actually long.  Yes, you will pay a decent buck but, you will have this for years to come given its versatility and class.


April 9, 2015

Rooted Chicago

Hey hey!  I am SUPER thrilled (and honored and humbled) to share with you an incredible event that is being held in Chicago, featuring one of my haven’t-met-but-one-day-hope-to-woman-crush Jen HatmakerWho happens to be brilliant and funny and real and inspirational.

This day is one of those days you will go and be transformed.  You will meet women that may change your life.  You will hear from women who also may change your life.  You will hear God talking to you.  You may cry.  And laugh.  And all of the above.

So to my women in Chicago, sign up.  Like right now.  Even if this doesn’t make sense.  Still sign up.  Even if you have plans.  Cancel.  It will be worth it.  Even if you can’t go the whole day.  Go for 2 hours. 

Just go.  Because events like this matter, are special, are life-changing and having gone to many personally, I am super excited to support and cheer on the team behind Rooted Chicago.


April 8, 2015

5 Months

Today Zoey turned 5 months old.


What in the what?

Yeah, that means next month is 6 months.

And then she’s a year.  And then she’s 13.  And then she’s at college.

And I’m officially crying.

Okay for real.

All these books and people talk about the love you have for your child and none of them lied in it.  Not one person.  It’s true.  You love and love and your heart hurts and you smile and you cry and oh my gosh it’s like the greatest blessing but the scariest one all at the same time.

And 5 months has flown.  And amidst crazy life, I am really, really trying to be super intentional about my time with Zoey.  My time with Rick and Zoey as a family.  And savoring up the moments.  And a 5 months, here’s a few things about Zoey.

  1. She sleeps through the night, 12 hours, praise the sweet Lord.  In fact, she sleeps like a champ for her naps as well.
  2. She rolled over a couple weeks ago and now has decided to sleep on her stomach.  Which means we go in and check on her 874 times to make sure she’s breathing.
  3. She is eating solids (we skipped the cereal because of some pooping situation(s) we have going on) and on the very first bite, she opened her mouth wide as if she had been eating from a spoon out of the womb.  #foodie
  4. Speaking of food.  I walk with her to the grocery store around 17 times a week.  I don’t get a cart and I just pile all the groceries into the stroller.  The other day she stole a lemon.  Please don’t tell anyone.
  5. I say prayers with her every night when I put her down and when I do, she literally stares at me and has a giant smile on her face the whole time.  No joke.  Every night.  She totally loves talking to Jesus.
  6. She sucks on her toes and her hands and her thumb and her burp cloth and Rick’s finger and every single solitary thing she can get her hands on.
  7. She is obsessed with itsy-bitsy spider and twinkle twinkle little star.  Like will stop crying in one second if you sing those to her.  Speaking of, did you know that twinkle twinkle little star and the abc’s is the same song/tone?  Sing them both and you will see what I mean.  #hadnoidea
  8. In the last 1-2 weeks, I’ve had a few people say she looks like me.  In the last 5 months, I’ve had 4,000 people tell me she looks like Rick.  We are making progress…
  9. As a true Floridian, she loves the outdoors.  Loves.  Loves the noises, the palm trees and flowers.  Hates when the sun gets in her eyes.
  10. She took her first step today which was incredible!
  11. Most people think she’s a boy…”oh, he’s so cute!”  Perhaps I need to invest in more headbands.
  12. She totally notices Rick and me and Hillary (our amazing nanny)…seems like a small thing but ooohhh it’s like the greatest, most heartwarming thing ever.
  13. I’m lying about point 9.  Come on, what do you think she’s a prodigy or something?  I just want to make usre you’re still reading.  Zoey thinks that’s funny…


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