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Announcing...Ann Written Notes - House & Host
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Announcing…Ann Written Notes

Some people like to keep to themselves.  Some people like to make decisions quickly.  Some people keep to themselves and make decisions quickly.  Well, that’s not me.  And so when I “decided” to write a blog (ahem, months ago), I had so many ideas floating around in the affirmed 10 percent of my brain.  Well, actually, maybe it was only 5 percent because it was the right brain that was really at work.  At any rate, the ideas kept on a floating and that’s where they stayed.  For months.  I was convinced that in order to write a blog, one had to have a grandiose subject matter and stick to something they knew best.  “What do I know best?” I would ask myself.  Travel?  Maybe.  Food?  Ooohh, I was getting warmer.  Marketing?  Makes sense.  Marriage?  Just got cold again.  Faith? That could be interesting.  Photography?  LOVE!  But was I cold again?  In the midst of trying to uncover (and frankly, self discover) my blogging subject matter, I ended up in a nice and cozy warm place:  A place of acceptance that I am not the type of person who has one, or even ten, grandiose subject matters to divulge.   My blog would be a rhapsodic potpourri of everything I love, everything that has a purpose in my life and probably some things that are completely meaningless.  Amen, yeah?!   And so when I finally accepted that 5% of my brain was being occupied with around 1,400 passion points, it was time to NAME THAT BLOG!  My strategy?  Ask a bunch of people in my life what they would name my blog (the whole ‘co-collaboration’ concept has stuck with me).  Allow me to share a few of the entries:

  • Ann U:  Ueno being my last name, the idea on this was “like attending university for all things fabulous…”  The problem here is I still get carded and most people think I look like I am 19 rushing to get into Kappa Kappa Gamma so I stood clear of tying any college associations to what would become my very mature, very inspiring, very ’30 something’ blog.  Oh and if you do actually read my blog, you will see sarcasm pretty often and it’s really my way of trying to be funny but actually I am being dead serious.
  • Eat Pray Love.  Hmmm…let me think…I’m pretty sure Elizabeth Gilbert has done a decent job with this so I won’t try to show her up.
  • Annventure: While I liked this one and it made it into the finales per some informal voting I did, it didn’t quite feel right…I kept envisioning a children’s cartoon that my niece and nephews would watch at 7am on Saturday mornings.
  • Ann-a-Grams:  Alyssa, I love you, but I just couldn’t name my blog Ann-a-grams.
  • A Girl With Bangs:  I don’t have bangs anymore (still debating if I should cut again).  Scratch that.
  • ANNarchy:  I think I laughed the hardest at this one but couldn’t do it for a few obvious reasons.
  • Real Ann:  you know, it is what it is and does speak truth.  But, let’s say I didn’t want to be real…then what?!
  • A suitcase, cheese plate and glass of wine:  This also made it into the finales.  I liked this one (it was my idea, of course I liked it) and so while it didn’t make the cut, you will certainly be reading about my life suitcase, obsession with cheese and love for wine (any New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite right now).

And so, I had one submission from my dear friend, a guy who ideates (yes, that word is made up) in his sleep, the one and only, Mr. Jerry Ferguson.  Here was his submission via text message:

  • “Ann Written Notes” (this is a play on the hand written notes your dad writes)…

You know how they say to go with your gut?  I did.  This was it from the minute I read his text on July 31.  I love the play on “Hand Written Notes,” my dad did write me the best notes for 22 years of my life (and we lived together…parents are still married…he just loved writing notes…I will share with you one day…) and last, I love writing notes (perhaps my dad was my inspiration).  So I bring to you a blog of all trades, a master of none, Ann Written Notes.   I am excited about what may (or may not) come of this blog and invite you into the notes of my life.

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  • Hi Ann – I love this already…cupcakes and cashmere are illiciting feelings of bliss. I’ll definitely be following your thoughtful words!

    • Thanks Donna!!! You are sweet…pun intended 🙂 Hopefully I will keep you as engaged as Cupcakes and Cashmere!

  • Hi Ann, I already left a written note, but I thought I’d add a comment to your blog. Can’t wait to read more notes from you. The first was so warm and funny. Your personality really does come through your writing.

    Also, DTH, very funny “illiciting”. Don’t know if it was meant to be a play on words but regardless very clever take on eliciting.

    • Thanks Matt!! Hope you and Anita are well 🙂

  • Ann,
    You express yourself well and are a great writer! I’m excited to get to know you better through your notes. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Michelle. That’s so nice of you!

  • Ann!! Loving it and Love the blog name! xo

    • Thanks Rosie!!

  • I am so impressed Ann. Keep it up! You rock!
    Leave it to Jerry to come up with the winning name:-)
    Love the photo of the week as well! My favorite people all in one photo.
    Congrats on the blog!

    • You are so sweet! Thanks Christi 🙂 And yes, of course, Jerry won the contest!

  • Just finished reading all your blogs and am amazed what you do in your life – so proud to have you as a daughter and what a full and happy life you and Rick have!

    • Thanks mom!!! So sweet of you…


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