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Love Note: When You're Here, You're Family. - House & Host
Hosting Love Notes

Love Note: When You’re Here, You’re Family.

The title of this blog has a trifecta meaning (been dying to use ‘trifecta’ in my writing and I don’t find it ironic that this is my third blog).  First, it is the slogan of the Olive Garden.  And admittedly, I do love the occasional all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks.  There, I said it.  Second, I had the honor of being with a handful of Italians this weekend and attended the Cherone (pronounced shi-row-nee with full exaggeration on all syllables)  “100th anniversary of their American migration” family reunion and they truly made Rick and I feel like family.  I’m still in stitches at some of the stories I heard, namely from Uncle Johnny with his thick Chicago meets Italy accent.  Third and last, it’s my motto when I host.  And with that, ladies and gentlemen (I wonder if gentlemen are actually still reading this),  I bring to you my first love note: Hosting.  As I pondered on where my love of hosting comes from, the vision of my Grandma Betty and Uncle Wally in their tiny kitchen wearing 1975-style aprons, stirring and seasoning the pasta sauce, slicing the warm homemade bread, laughing, chatting and drinking martini’s (yes, all at the same time) kept appearing in my head.  They ALWAYS threw amazing holiday parties and ALWAYS made everyone feel like family.   And this weekend, we hosted family and friends both Friday and Saturday night and I hope I did grandma and grandpa proud by making our guests feel like family.  And with that, here are some of my favorite tools I have in my hosting toolbox.  Enjoy and I look forward to hosting you in the future and sharing more hosting stories and tools with you 🙂

Love:  Crate&Barrel Set of Three White Appetizer Dishes (love using them for olives!)

Love:  West Elm Candle Pot (great for outdoors)

Love:  Cheese, fig spread, Spanish marcona almonds, pepper crackers from Pastoral Wine and Cheese at The French Market (it’s my weekend one-stop shop!)

Love:  Crate&Barrel Slate Cheese Board

Love:  Impeccable desserts from Delightful Pastries at The French Market (worth every penny and are always a conversation starter!)

The same C&B slate cheese board from above, but used for desserts

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