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Fall Fashion Passions - House & Host

Fall Fashion Passions

Life is all about the seasons (speaking philosophically and literally if you live in the Midwest) and for me, the fall is my adored season.  I love sleeping in the fall climate and most days cannot peel myself out of bed before 7:30am because the temperature is just perfect.   I love being outdoors and especially love running this time of year.  When I look at the leaves changing color and the transformation of nature,  I’m constantly in awe of God’s creativity.  A hot Starbucks on a brisk morning..can’t beat it.   Walking to work without shvitzing…can’t beat it.   Chicago in the fall is the ideal season, sandwiched between what can be very hot and humid summers (not complaining) and below zero winters (complaining).  And last, but not least, fall fashion just kicks butt.  Why do I love thee?  Let me count the [5] ways.

  1. No shorts.  I despise shorts (apart from running shorts which in 85 degree heat are inevitable), I have a complex about my legs and would much prefer jeans or my Lululemon pants over uncomfortable, unflattering shorts.  And fine, you will see me, on occassion, wearing shorts in the summer but only, ONLY, if I can wear heels.  Per Vogue it’s supposed to make you look thinner.  Sold.
  2. Layers, layers and layers.  A t-shirt under a sweater with a scarf = a happy and cozy Ann.
  3. Comfy shoes.  I am convinced that flats work better with pants and jeans vs. shorts (probably goes back to my hate relationship with shorts) so between wearing comfortable flats, galoshes or more work-appropriate riding boots, my feet look much cuter and are more comfortable in the fall.
  4. Bejeweled.  Each season I will invest in 1 or 2 key statement pieces of jewelry and for whatever reason, the stores seem to step up their jewelry lines right around August.  Perfect transition!
  5. The colors.  While I have to say, I am obsessed with the J.Crew red that has bombarded the retail industry as of late and will keep the trend going throughout the fall, I love wearing black and navy and tans as a base and adding a punch of color either in a scarf, jewelry or even lipstick.

Check out some of my Fall Fashion Passions below!

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