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West Elm’s Show + Tell Equals A+ Marketing

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I have a deep passion for interior design and decor.  Any time I get the chance to investigate a space, give my eyes a visual vacation while indulging in decor publications or look into the windows of someone’s home at night just to check out their sense of style and get new ideas, I jump all over it.  Yes, it’s true.  I am the creepy, yet kind, gal who thrives on peeping into quintessential vintage rehab apartments in just about any city, but mainly Chicago as that’s where I dwell.  I also have been known to surf many real estate websites just to look at pictures of homes I could never actually afford.  And yes, I may have signed up to be on their mailing list, too.  I’m a freak.  But, I can admit it.  And one day when I make the cover of the next version of Domino magazine (someone please explain why they took that magazine off the of newsstands…I cried a little bit when I heard that news years ago) as Chicago’s next up-and-coming designer, sans any true design experience, you will get a little laugh, and so will I.

Gosh it feels good to share my dreams and let my imagination run wild…

Okay, back to the point here.  We all get West Elm magazine, right?  I actually get two copies sent to my home – one for Ann Bennington, one for Ann Ueno.  Clearly their direct marketing team hasn’t figured out that I am the same person.  But it’s okay, because they have redeemed themselves through what I discovered on page 38 of their latest magazine, Show + Tell:  Parson’s Made Personal.  Taken from the magazine, “the cult-favorite Parsons Collection takes on two totally different looks in the hands of bloggers Nick Olsen and Victoria Smith.”  Now let me explain.

They featured two bloggers with pictures of their homes showcasing how they each used their Parsons Collection pieces (btw, Parsons is West Elm’s line of desks, tables and bookshelves that are simple, chic and relatively inexpensive).  They also featured Nick and Victoria on the West Elm Blog, Front & Main.

I personally love this because it takes my passion of interior design and merges it with marketing and social media (which just so happens to be my full-time job), all the while promoting two great blogs:  Nick Olsen and Victoria Smith. I also love it because of the human element featured where I can get tangible ideas from real people.  It’s a twist on one of those HGTV shows that you know you have watched marathons of while eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream on a Sunday night.  You know you’ve done it…come on…it’s okay, I have, too.

It’s marketing geniusness (yes, I know this isn’t actually a word), people! Ever hear of social media?  Ever get the question, “what is the ROI on social media?” Off the record, there was a period of time not that long ago at work when we got that question around 344 times a day.  Well, in my humble opinion, West Elm’s Show + Tell is an example of revenue-driving social media at its best.  Kudos to WE for bringing human beings, their homes, their blogs and their style together in such a creative way  in an effort to sell more Parsons furniture.

A+ for Show + Tell.

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