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How to Organize Men’s Ties

I never imagined myself writing a ‘how to’ blog about men’s ties. But then again, I never thought I would be a wife who proactively organizes her husband’s ties. Who knew?   My husband, Rick,  left town today to attend a fabulous black-tie (pun intended) Academy Awards party in D.C. so that left me a full day to work, play and organize.  And while part of my day may have been a bit selfish, a good part wasn’t.  And that part included me on a mission to bring a smile to my husband’s face when he came home to a beautiful artwork display of his ties, arranged by color, easy to access and visually appealing on the eye. (And yes, this was my WWW – weekend wife win*.)

It occurred to me that I personally wear more of my clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. when it’s visually displayed in a way that is appealing to me and easy to coordinate. So why not do the same for Rick’s ties, given they tend to take on the creative, focal piece of his attire every day?  Prior to my Container Store-meets-Picasso ingenuity, the ties hung on less-than-ideal circular hangers that were stuffed between his suits and his Lululemon gear.  Problem number one.  Problem number two was that the hangers really only allowed you to see 10-12 of the ties at once, despite the fact that 30 or more hung on each hanger, which meant that Rick only ended up wearing maybe 30-40% of his collection.

And so, I bring to you the Container Store Silk Drawer Organizers, fashioned with Rick’s ties in a chromatic display, completed for less than the cost of one tie from Nordstrom’s.

*WWW –  weekend wife win, trademarked by yours truly.  But, please steal it because I think WWW could really help husbands fall in love with their wives all over again across America.

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