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My Parisian Birthday, Part One: Pretty Parisian Things. - House & Host
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My Parisian Birthday, Part One: Pretty Parisian Things.

Ahhh, Paris.  For at least 10 years, if not the entire length of my life (FYI, I just turned 32), I have had a burning desire to go to Paris.  No no.  Let me rephrase that.  I have envisioned myself boarding an Air France airplane (roughly 15 pounds lighter and 4 inches taller), carrying a fabulous vintage Louis Vuitton bag, wearing candy apple red Christian Louboutin pumps that totally kill my feet but I don’t care because I am going to Paris, my lips perfectly blanketed with Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick (as they await the indulgence of the French Bordeaux wine I will be served in first class because how else do you fly to Paris besides first class drinking a glass of Bordeaux?) and my oversized gold-rimmed Dior sunglasses still wrapped around my face because I am assuming that amazing French women wear sunglasses as they board planes.  Frankly, there is a good chance if the stewardess calls me “Ann,” I may correct her politely and let her know that my real name is actually Francina (variant of “Frances” meaning ‘From France’ or ‘free one’) or Audrey after Audrey Tautou, one of my favorite Parisian actresses, so she thinks that I am actually French.  Shoot.  Since I don’t speak French that might not work.  Okay, anyways…

Yep, that’s my vision.  I have fallen in love with Paris and frankly, almost all things French (movies like Amelie or Midnight in Paris, French restaurants like Balthazar or Cyrano’s Bistrot, any type of French art,  champagne, the language, the list could go on) for reasons I am still trying to figure out, especially as I have never been there.  Until now.  I am delighted to share that in just a few days, I will be boarding an Air France airplane (sans the over-the-top brand illustration mentioned above) and jet-setting to Paris for a romantic and celebratory long weekend with my dear husband.

And to that, I bring you, My Parisian Birthday, Part One:  Pretty Parisian Things.  After recently celebrating my birthday, I was showered with adorable French inspired gifts, as well as having treated myself to some French flare to get me in the mood for our trip (not that I need to be getting in any mood, it’s Paris for crying out loud).  But, the anticipation of the trip is half the fun.  Okay, maybe 10% of the fun.  Check out some of the pretty Parisian things below and get excited for my upcoming blogs as I share with you My Parisian Birthday, Part Two (and who knows, maybe there will even be a Part Three)!

1.  The below is the gift from Rick which is one of my most favorite gifts he has ever given me.  A frame-worthy French card (literally from Paris…he had a friend get it for me and mail it to the States) with a note written in French (I read 70% of it correctly believe it or not) and this fabulous and romantic Jennifer Meyer necklace that says “I love you” in French.  Husband of the year?  Yep, and it’s only March.


2.  Indulged in a St. Germain + Elderflower liqueur + Champagne cocktail at Bar 89 in NYC last week. Seemed very fitting.

3.  My two closest friends treated me to some pretty little lingerie and amazing antique metallic votes from Anthropologie Love, and, clearly very French.


4.  How cute is this My Little Paris book My sister gave this to me (already started reading it and offers some great ideas for local Parisian hidden gems) as well as the below Cake Vintage disposable place mats ,napkins and stationary.

Au revoir and until next time!

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  • Happy birthday then! Hope you are having fun in Paris.

  • Avoir un temps incroyable à Paris Ann et tellement heureux vous avez aimé les votives!!

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