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Before and After Entryway: A French Inspiration - House & Host
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Before and After Entryway: A French Inspiration

If you have been reading my blogs for the last few months or if you know anything about me, I love almost anything French.  The food, the people, the culture, the wine and I especially love French decor.  And when we decided to give our entryway a facelift (and I say “we” to lovingly include my dear husband, but meanwhile, his role was in between minor and non-existent and ends with a “ahh, looks good honey” comment), French maison was on the [right] brain!

Today I share with you our before and after entryway transformation as well as a few of my favorite pieces from the full collection.  Would love to hear what you think!

BEFORE:  I wasn’t ever a fan of this shade of red upon moving into our place for one main reason – it didn’t offer a fresh, inviting feeling when you walked in.  And while I do like the furniture pieces, I think they were too bulky and dark for this space.

AFTER:  As you can see, the white paint is much more soothing and inviting.  Here I replaced the black mirror and now feature photos I took from some of our  favorite places we’ve traveled.  Combining Pottery Barn frames with others I had lying around, as well as some signs and mirrors,  the goal was to create a travel-themed collage that didn’t look too ‘matchy-matchy’ but that still worked well together.


BEFORE:  Lacking in functionality, I used this bookshelf to cover up the fuse box and to store anything that didn’t have a home, making the space feel busy and distracted (this is clearly a picture after I took everything off the shelves and the walls :)).

AFTER:  This space that once had the black bookshelf against the red wall was also repainted which made it visually seem more spacious. It is now more functional and serves as a place to hang coats and our recyclable grocery bags (it’s always a good reminder to have them hanging next to the door so you don’t forget them!), as well as offers a seating area to put shoes on comfortably.  Last, there is a hint of France everywhere here!  Between the piece of art, the more subdued colors of whites, chalks and light woods, the textured writing on the wall and the birdcage frame, I smile every time I come home.  (And go to my wine cabinet to open a bottle of French Bordeaux to further the mood…ha!  Kidding.  Sort of.)


BEFORE: This space sits to the right when you walk into our house and between the blue paint (that bumped up against the red which felt far too patriotic) mixed bar stools and the desk lamp, it drove me nuts!  Needless to say, it was time for a little update.

AFTER:  While it’s hard to see the difference in color in these pictures, the paint has now been updated to a charcoal gray which makes for a great accent wall given the other areas of the space are now crisp and white.  I added vintage San Fran pictures (my mom bought these on the streets of SF around 40 years ago and her uncle made the frames…ahhhh, LOVE!), removed the mis-matched bar stools and desk lamp (which now is on my desk at work…genious, I know) and added this milk glass vase I bought at a flea market in Newport, Rhode Island.

And here is a snapshot of my favorite pieces from our new French-inspired entryway!

  1. Large Alaina Bird Cage Wall Frame from World Market, $29.99
  2. Zinc letters from Anthropologie, $18 each
  3. Coat hooks from Anthroologie, prices vary
  4. Wall stickers from The Collection, 10EUR
  5. Sophie Vintage Key Frame, Set of 3, from World Market, $29.97
  6. Simpatico Hobnail Candle from Anthropologie, $28
  7. Customized HOME map letters from Etsy Shop Little White Dog, $155

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  • you seriously should consider consulting as an interior decorating on the side……and p.s. LOVE that the “desk lamp” finally made it to that desk you wanted so badly 🙂 Invite me over sometime soon so I can see your space in person …. 🙂

    • Thanks Leen! And the lamp is actually on my work desk in my office at the W…so every single day I think about you 🙂 I would love to consult on interior design!!!

  • Ann ohhh Ann! Once again, you have inspired me to make our home more “US” Rob and I. I absolutely love when you walk into someones home, it SCREAMS Hellooooooo this is my sanctuary, my comfort, my loves, my home. Bella Bella!! xoxo

    • Yay! Love to inspire 🙂 Happy to help make your house your HOME!

  • Was hoping you would put something on after you changed everything. The cousins all told me how nice it looked (and I know I should come see it in person) and they were right. A great transformation – now you can either be an author, interior decorator, travel agent – you seem to be so artistic in whatever you do – great job!

    • Aww! Thanks mom!!

  • I love it, we need to come and check it out in person! What time is dinner?

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