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My New Home Office

For the past few weeks, I have been getting ‘lost in projects’ as my husband puts it.  Similar to how men can play 18 holes of golf over a 5+ hour time span or mow the grass and trim the hedges all morning, I can spend hours lost in my house projects.  What type of house projects?  Gosh, it’s so awesome that my readers are so engaged and are asking so many great questions.  My projects are anything from hanging frames and art on my walls to cleaning out my closet for a Goodwill run to finding the perfect spot for a vintage milk glass vase to be displayed to transforming a space with just a few small updates.

And it comes as no coincidence that just last week, my team and I packed our boxes and exited our office space at the W Hotel in Chicago after a great, memorable and always entertaining five years.  We are venturing to new office space and until we find a place to call home, we are officially working from home.  And so I share with you one of my latest projects,  my new home office.  A place where I read, work, pray, talk and get inspired.

Two of my favorite things in this shot:

The Crate and Barrel Rug – inexpensive, great color options, works well in multiple spaces…sold!

The inspiration wall.  What I love about this, aside from the optimistic quotes that are great daily reminders, is the versatility.  In a few months I plan to change them out and make some new ones to keep the momentum going!


Bar none, my favorite new piece in my office is my makeshift bookshelf.  I found these vintage European wine crates at my favorite store in Chicago, Jayson Home.

Second to those would be a close tie between my Brazil map pillow, a gift from a dear friend (Brazil was my honeymoon vacay!), and my poster of Paris I found at a cute store in Paris called The Collection.


Last, a great reminder to BE. THE. GOOD.  Can I get an AMEN?!  🙂

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  • Ann! How I love a collage and you did it beautifully. I may have to steal your wine crate idea some day! 🙂

    • Oh thanks Katie!!! Steal away…that’s exactly why I share 🙂

  • Love this, including the beautiful pics! Especially love the “call apple” on your board. Teeth.

  • do you want to come over and decorate my house?

  • Man, straight out of a home design magazine. That is awesome! My home office consists of paperwork from a few years ago.

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