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Flat-Out Amazing Shoes. - House & Host

Flat-Out Amazing Shoes.

The trend of ballet flat shoes is totally genius.  In fact, I recently read that “ballet flats are the new high heels.”  Raise your hand if you are a woman happy to hear that!

The ballet flat is truly one of the most versatile shoes out there.   Throw on a pair with some skinny jeans and a t-shirt.  Wear them with a mini skirt, a tucked in, loose-fitting button down shirt and a skinny belt.  Put on your favorite summer dress and what else?  Yes, ballet flats!  Women can wear flats with a casual business suit for crying out loud!  It’s amazing.  The reality is in this fashion era we are in, flats are, in fact, the new high heel.  They even come in just about every color, texture and style you can imagine.

As you can see, I am 100% sold on this shoe.  And for probably 3-4 years, I have been on a search for the perfect ballet flat.  I have purchased several pairs over the years, including the infamous, over-priced Tory Burch ones (no offense), and they either don’t stay on my heel (which equals the worst shoe ever) or they give me blisters within 20 minutes of wearing them.  #annoying #defeatsthepurpose

But low and behold,  at the brink of summer of 2012, I have finally found THE ballet flat.  In fact, I have found many ballet flats!  I have searched high and low and thanks to some friends (ahem, Dana Greenspan) and my “never give up” attitude, I have scored the best ballet flats around carried by two brands:  J.Crew (figures) and Yosi Samra.

The J.Crew flats are truly timeless, comfortable, durable and come in classic colors and a couple different styles.  The downfall is the price.  These bad boys will run you anywhere from $128 – $198.  Ouch.  But, if you have the cash and want to splurge, they are worth it!


Images taken from J Crew website.

Next up, we have Yosi Samra.  Yosi Samra is a male shoe designer who nailed it with these flats back in 2009 (clearly it takes me a few years to catch on).  They are one of the best all-around ballet flat at a price point you can’t beat (these will run you $60 – $70 a pair).  The ideal balance to killer heels, the flats feature an ultra-flexible design for comfort and fold up to fit anywhere for convenient shoe changes on the go. They are available in a wide array of leathers, satins, patents, suedes, and prints, in tempting colors ranging from neons to neutrals. This was taken from Yosi Samra’s website as I couldn’t have said it better myself!




Images taken from Yosi Samra’s website.

Last, I wanted to highlight these cute Bride and Bridesmaid flats that Yosi makes (we are on a first-name basis now).  Such a cute idea for a bridesmaid gift and definitely perfect for the bride to throw off her uncomfortable heels for some dancing at the reception!

Do you have a killer pair of ballet flats that you swear by?  I want to hear about them!  Send me a note 🙂

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