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Lifestyle Blogs That Inspire Me.

Every so often people will ask me “Where do you get your inspiration from?” or “Where do you go to get new ideas?” or “What blogs do you follow?”  Well, I am here today to share my top 10 favorite lifestyle blogs.  These blogs are blogs that I actually peruse daily or at least every other day.  I am inspired by these women who have such creative minds and while I actually don’t personally know any of these women, they do influence my life.  Weird?  Maybe.  But, it IS two thousand and twelve.  Almost two thousand and thirteen.  And in this cyber world we live in, inspiration comes from so many places, including the handy-dandy world wide web and some amazingly talented women who I don’t really know.

Here goes, in no particular order:

1.  Cupcakes and Cashmere – in my humble opinion, Emily Schuman is the originator and has paved the path for other lifestyle bloggers.  There’s so much to love about her and I SO admire the risks she has taken as well as her unique creativity.  She combines food with fashion and adds a pinch of home decor.  Perfecto!

2.  Restored Style – no idea how I came across this blog but every day at 10am my inbox smiles as it waits for me to open up an email filled with home inspiration (and more!).  Kirsten Nieman models for me someone who is crazy talented, has an amazing eye for design and went after her dreams.

3.  Aviators and a Camera – as I am sure you know at this point, travel is truly one of my greatest passions in life.  It keeps me wondering, exploring, curious, asking questions and is precious reminder of God’s amazing world.  Kirsten Alana is a traveler.  A photographer.  And a blogger.  Her blog allows me to feel like I am worlds away in the comfort of my own home office.

4.  Sadie and Dasie – this concept for a blog is brilliant.  One topic + three visuals to back it up.  Done.  Simple and gets my visual motor running every single time I open her blog.  BTW, her name is Sadie and she has a dog named Dasie and she loves art, interior design, photography and desserts.  That’s about all I know about her 🙂

5.  In Honor of Design –  Anna is THE CUTEST.  Well, she’ beautiful, really.  No idea why, but I think she would be so fun to meet and hang out with and she honestly looks like the sweetest person ever.  Okay, love-fest aside,  she is a graphic and branding designer and it clearly shows through her blog (which she designed).  I love her personality-infusion into her posts as well as her ridic (mom, that’s short for ridiculous) fashion sense.

6.  Le Zoe MusingsLove to create.  Hope to inspire.  If that tagline doesn’t getcha, not sure what will.   Kellie’s blog is a retreat for new ideas, baby stuff, food, design and everything in between.  She is another one who has gone after her passion for creativity and said “See ya later left brain, my right brain is taking over!”

7.  The Glitter Guide – this is an amazing team of 7 plus they have regular contributors – it’s the real deal fashion and design blog.  While fashion isn’t my number one personal passion, it’s up there, and these women definitely put me in check and give me great ideas!  And what I love is they do features on various women every so often called “Style at Home” and share their stories (ahem, perhaps you will see me featured one day!) and get personal.  Here’s a couple to check out:  Style at Home: Carly Uson and Style at Home: Catherine Sheppard

8.  Front & Main – as if my love for West Elm couldn’t grow any deeper, they figured out a way to capture all of my design heart with this blog!  Simple.  Personal.  A collection of their amazing “side” projects.  Travel inspired home decor.  Dream homes.  Before and After.  Are you sold?

9.  Design Sponge – this truly is more than a design blog featuring everything from DIY projects, how to run a business advice, hosting fabulous parties, mood boards and everything in between.  It’s no wonder you will find the Design Sponge book featured at Anthropologie.  Founded by Grace Bonney, declared a “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials” by The New York Times, she’s the ultra-entrepreneur who has dominated the design world in pubs like Domino, House & Garden, Food and Wine, In Style, Better Homes and Gardens,  Everyday with Rachael Ray and many more!

10.  Decorology – last but certainly not least, Ashley is the ultimate sharer of amazing interior decor!  While the blog is more than that, what I love most is the visual aspect, ideas for room concepts and much of her favorites align with my taste.

What are your favorite blogs?  Share them with me!

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