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7 Ways to Give Back During the Holiday Season

7-ways-to-give-back-during-holiday-season Hi friends!  With the holiday season in full gear and bank accounts a bit less than they were last week (thanks Cyber Monday), I have been thinking about how to give back during this holiday season.  This time of year is so special for me and is such a great season to give thanks and give back.  Most of us are MORE THAN blessed and have more than we even know what to do with.  Others do not.  So why not stop and take some time this holiday season to give back?

Here are 7 ways to give back during the holiday season:

  1. Adopt-a-Family:  Rick and I have done this for a couple years in a row now and plan to do so each year.  There are so many children and adults alike that do not have the means to have gifts at Christmas and chances are, by adopting a family, your gift(s) may be the only ones they will receive.  To help you get started, you can check out The Salvation Army Adopt-A-Family program.
  2. Surprise and delight someone you know: this could be sending a gift card to a family in need or just buying a nice little gift for an old friend.  A dear friend of mine LOVES Frango peppermint coffee and she now lives in the D.C. area.  The minute I saw it on the shelves of Macy’s, I snatched it up and mailed it to her (loved thinking about the smile she would have drinking a hot cup of her favorite coffee!).  It’s all about the unexpected and  making someone’s season that much better.
  3. Surprise and delight someone you don’t know: we have all heard the story of the nice women in line in front of you at Starbucks who paid for you coffee for no reason at all.  Be that person.
  4. Partner with Toys for Tots:  Let’s be honest, so much of the joy of the season is watching little children open up gifts from Santa and be so happy about what they received!  Toys for Tots offers three ways to give back:  donate financially, donate toys or volunteering at a Toys for Tots event.  Either of these options are so generous and would certainly put more smiles on children’s faces on Christmas morning 🙂
  5. Write a handwritten holiday card:  Write five handwritten holiday cards each week in the month of December to friends and family in your life to simply say hello, say happy holidays, say thank you, or to remind them why you love them.  Or,  write Cards for Hospitalized Kids.  This is such a special program and a fun activity to do with children.
  6. Serve in your community:  Gather a group of friends together and plan a service event.  Make it a family outing.  Do it for date night.  Go alone.  No matter who you are with, taking the time to serve during the holiday season is a great way to give back.  This year, my bible study group and I are doing something a bit different.  We are choosing two families in need, getting together one night and pitching in $20 each and going grocery shopping.  Afterwards we are driving to the homes of the families and dropping off the groceries.  That’s just one idea.  I am sure your church, your synagogue and place of work have many opportunities as well.
  7. Donate your clothes:  If you were too busy or didn’t get a chance to do a fall cleaning of your closet, it’s okay!  As we approach the end of the year, it’s a perfect time to purge your closet and go to a local Goodwill, Salvation Army or anywhere that accepts clothing donations.  Not only will you feel good starting the new year organized and simplified, you will also have helped families in need.  And if you need inspiration on how to purge your clothes, check out my blog on how to organize a closet.

What are some ways you give back during the holiday seasons?  Please share!

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  • Beautiful list Ann! These are excellent suggestions. Mikey and I also like volunteering at The Chicago Food Depository. ❤

  • It’s snowing on your blog! YAY!! Great List Ann! I donate to the Salvation Army all the time and LOVE buying Christmas cards that were handmade by kids!

    • Ann, I loved the idea of writing handwritten cards for hospitalized children! I am going to have my students do this next week! Thank you for sharing.

  • Ann, I loved the idea of writing handwritten cards to hospitalized children! I am going to have my students do that next week! Thank you for sharing!


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