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Nate Berkus Book Signing at Jayson Home in Chicago

Next to my husband, Rick, I would say that interior design is the second love of my life.  And living in Chicago, there is no better store to get lost in that love than at Jayson Home.  I have blogged several times before about Jayson and this probably won’t be my last, either.  The store is an aspiring interior designer’s dream, filled with unique furniture, European flea market finds, perfect gifts and fresh flowers and plants.  And because I am pretty tight with Jayson on Facebook, I was informed of their Nate Berkus Book Signing (for his new book, The Things That Matter) and of course, cleared my calendar and arrived to the event 20 minutes early with a fresh layer of Chanel Rouge lipstick on.  Here’s a recap of the evening!


Sofia Coppola Mini’s are always a hit and a great way to celebrate any event.


Waiting in line I had to take a couple of shots of the gorgeous products.  I LOVE the turquoise candle holders!

Nate all smiles, with a beer, signing my book!


Now I’m all smiles having just met Nate (short and sweet…he wasn’t overly talkative and the line was long so I’m sure he wanted to get moving!).

Love going to these events and meeting new people.  Here is a great gal I met named Amelia and she is the co-founder of The Chicago Life Blog.

You can order Nate’s (we are on a first name basis now) book, The Things That Matter, online at Target today!  I would highly recommend the book.  The story of his life, his passion for design and amazing visuals. It also makes for an amazing coffee table book!

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