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12 Months of {pretty awesome} Blogging

ann-uenoI’m delayed at O’Hare (no, that’s not a picture of me at terminal 3 in a strapless dress…it’s a picture of me making a ridiculous “I’m sneaky slash suspicious slash no clue” face at dinner a couple weeks ago) so I thought I would take a look back at some of my posts by month and share with you, my lucky beloved readers, the highlights. It’s been a really fun year of blogging with many milestones…can’t believe this year is almost over.  Insane in the membrane! (Say it with me…insane in the brain!) Did I just write that?  Hilarious.  Okay, anyways…I hit 20,000 views, was featured in The Chicago Life Blog, wrote nearly 60 posts, grew my following and had a frickin’ blast along the way. Enjoy the highlights and I look forward to giving you Ann Written Notes 2.0 (or two dot oh as they say in corporate America) in 2013!

JanuaryLoving on West Elm (obviously…is there a better way to start the year?!)

February – How to organize men’s ties (As a side for all you stat lovers, this post, to date, is my most popular post and gets the most traffic each day…I guess it’s helping some men out there.)

MarchHow to save a marriage…sort of.  Um, er…oh yeah, I know!  Take a weekend trip to Paris!!

April – Inspired by my trip, here’s a look at our French-inspired entryway.

May – As my Starwood office was under renovation, working from home was in order. Which meant doing a minor office renovation so that I could stay inspired while working!

June – I gave you gift ideas, a look at our guestroom renovation and more…too hard to choose just one here!  Check out my June blog posts.

July – Well, July was the month I found out I was pregnant…so, um, was a bit pre-occupied.  No blogs for this month.

August – I shared with you our story about losing baby Ueno.  Ugh, hurts my heart still but grateful to be able to share this with you in hopes of helping other women out there.

September – When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Or, organize your closet.  Check out how to organize a closet.

October – I featured my first “Note to Self” which is a series of my graphic design artwork inspired by words that make me go “hmm.”

November – November was my busiest month blogging with 12 posts.  The feature on our anniversary vacation to Cabo San Lucas was one of my personal favorites.

December – Wow, a lot of awesome blogging things happened in December.  But, I have to say that one of my biggest accomplishments this year was managing my Starwood Chicago office space before and after renovation.

Which post was your favorite?  Do tell!

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