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Friday Round Up: Inspirational Quotes

I am not sure about you, but for me this week has been long, stressful, brilliant and miraculous all at the same time.  I am tired today.  I don’t have a lot of mojo and I am totally okay with that.  It’s Friday.  I don’t need a lot of mojo, right?!  Although this week has been tough, I tried to maintain a peace and remember to be thankful in ALL circumstances as it says in my bible.  When you give thanks in the midst of craziness, stress and fear, contentment takes over and the winter storm Nemo around you continues to blow and tries to knock you down.  But you stand still.  In peace.  With a smile on your face.  And perhaps wearing some awesome red Hunter boots (because if we have to be in the storm we should at least look cute, right?).

I hope these inspirational quotes make you smile today and maybe even make you stop and give thanks, no matter what circumstances you face.  TGIF!

ann-written-notes-quotes{Source: Niki Rhodes Photography via Ciao Darling Blog}



{Source: Pinterest} ann-written-notes-quotes2 {Source: Etsy Unravel Design Shop}

ann-written-notes-quotes7{Source: Etsy Shop Vol25}


{Source: Etsy Shop Grace Herster Designs}

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