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Dear Pinterest: I Love You and Sort of Don’t Love You

My husband went on an overnight business trip and I spent…count it…three hours on Pinterest for my “Ann” night.  In theory, being inspired and getting new interior design ideas is not bad or wrong in of itself.  But three hours later, I desperately wanted to feel productive and that I made good use of the time I had alone in the absence of cooking or going to the gym or working.  Desperately.  And a small part of me did (I call it research for my design work).  And then a huge part of me was like “what the heck did I seriously just do?”  Guilt takes over. (There are PLENTY of volunteer opportunities I could have partook in, plenty of problems in the world that I could have tried solving. Or at the very least I could have interacted with a human being vs. my MacBook Air.)  And then I stop fighting it and realize I love Pinterest and I can Pin if I want to.  So there.  Pinterest, I do love you.

Should you care to check out some of my new boards, keep scrolling below.  And sorry in advance if this post causes you to waste any precious minutes of your life when you could be solving for world peace or working out.

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