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DIY: How to create monogram letters

Generally speaking, I am not a DIY type of gal.  Some days I envy the Martha Stewart women of the world and some days I get overwhelmed by them and am relieved I don’t know how to create a bookshelf from recycled cardboard boxes.  But when I walk into Paper Source, I find my inner Martha dying to come out and my imagination having a huge party, cheering me on.  And on a lovely Saturday afternoon in Chicago, my IMS (inner Martha Stewart) was alive and awakened as I walked into Paper Source. Subsequently, I decided right then and there I would create my own monogram letters for my dining room gallery wall I was working on (post to come on that).  The project is easy, but requires patience and does take a bit of time.  The outcome is chic, colorful, inexpensive and personal…exactly what I was going for.

What you will need:

  1. Mod Podge
  2. A Poly Brush
  3. Your choice of craft letters (you could do monogram, spell words, whatever your little heart desires).  I did R, &, A and U for our initials.
  4. Paper!  The fun part.  You can see below what I picked but depending on how many letters you are doing and how many different shades of paper you want to incorporate, you really only need a few sheets max.

Step 1:  Pick your paper.

Step 2:  Pick your letter(s).

Step 3: Trace  and cut the letters (I used a pencil and handy dandy scissors).  Note you need to trace the letter both frontward and backward to cover the whole letter.

Step 4:  Using your Mod Podge and Brush, glue the paper onto the letters.

IMG_3254 ann-written-notes-monogram-letter-2
Step 5:  Enjoy!


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  • Wow, you are just so creative and talented! That could be your side job! Love everything you do for your house!


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