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Friday Fave: For the love of FLOR

ann-written-notes-flor-6 I am constantly amazed and energized by design. Constantly. Whether it’s a bold textile from India or a cool gold wallpaper from Barcelona, my heart goes pitter patter for design. And when my cousin, Erin, introduced me to FLOR, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was a design miracle! FLOR is an innovative system of carpet squares that you assemble to create custom rugs, runners or wall-to-wall designs of any shape or size.

Yes, it’s exactly that. It’s creative, simple and personal. I LOVE that when you design your rug there is a good chance nobody else has it. They have patterns galore! Everything from traditional and classic to modern and whimsical, there truly is a design for everyone. The tiles are simple to assemble. The price point is reasonable. The quality is high. If you spill something you don’t have to throw away your rug. You can just pick up the tile and use soap and water to remove the stain. Or worst case scenario you buy one new tile for probably $15. They are an uber green company. Oh and did I mention they have design consultants to help you ideate and create (ahem, Shannon and Eric in Chicago are a-maze)? Icing on the cake, I know.

So when my client needed rugs, I hopped into my VW Jetta Station Wagon and drove above the speed limit down Clybourn Avenue to FLOR. And had a blast. I am doing a few rugs for her, but would love your input on the below which will be an 8×8 for her family-slash-kids-play-room. Her walls will be a light sage green. Which design do you like best?

Option 1:ann-written-notes-flor-2

Option 2: ann-written-notes-flor-3 Option 3: Option 3: ann-written-notes-flor-4 Option 4: Option 4: ann-written-notes-flor-5 Option 5: Option 5: ann-written-notes-flor{Image sources from this post from www.flor.com}

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  • Love this company too! I buy two new ones every year as a mat for in front of my sink. So much easier this way than finding the perfect floor mat, which by the way, at least for me anyways, isn’t easy to find. And btw, I do love the chevron and option 1.

  • Chevron!!!!

  • I liked option two. It’s peaceful!

  • For a kids area, definitely #1. It’s pure FUN! Plus, from a standpoint of looking at durability and hiding stains (for hotels), it would be #1 too. If the kids get it dirty, the spots are less likely to be seen with the whimsical design. Just my opinion.

  • Option 3!!

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