Friday Round Up: Anthropologie Finds for Italy

From January 1 – March 31 of this year, I committed to not shopping.  Yes, not shopping for three months.  No clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry.  Nada.  Well, anything in the home decor category was waived.  Come on, it was a good step in the right direction, give me a break!  Anyways, now that I am back in the fashion world, I have one mission which is to ensure my suitcase is well-equipped when we jet-set to Italy in June.  So when I was at the new Anthropologie in Chicago, my heart went pitter-patter for some of these bold colors, flattering tees, flirty maxi dresses and more (including some gifts).  Oh and full credit to my friend Vaneesha for number eight below…she bought it, I copied.  Yes, she’s that great of a friend.


  1. Striped Empire Day Dress
  2. AG Stevie Ankle Jeans
  3. Colorblock Pointelle Cardigan 
  4. Bourdeax Duo Colorblock Top
  5. Chipper & Sprite Serving Set 
  6. Bourdeax Trapeze Baseball Tee 
  7. Multitude Headbands
  8. Border Print Maxi Dress 
  9. Everyday Notecard Set

Comments (2)

  • I just might have to steal #1 – it’s so hard to find maxi’s that come in at the at the waist so that they are still flattering…yes, these are the things I think about… 🙂 Great post!

  • I am doing the same. No shopping for a year except for home stuff as we just bought a house. Moving made me realize how much stuff I have and that I really need nothing except a new couch.


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