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Effort In, Results Out. Bring on the Crow Pose! - House & Host
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Effort In, Results Out. Bring on the Crow Pose!

This is one of my best friends, Sarah, who just so happens to be a yoga instructor :)
Photo Credit: Sarah Simos (one of my best friends), rocking the dancer’s pose in South Africa. #shesayogainstructor

About a month ago, I shared with you my humiliation when I attempted to take a Latin dance class, otherwise known as Andanza, at my gym.  The post was appropriately named Decisively Defeated.  And in my humbling reveal, I also shared how I started taking a pretty hardcore Vinyasa Flow class on Monday nights.

It’s vinyasa, up-dog, down-dog, warrior one, warrior two, reverse side warrior,  revolve, one-legged downward dog,  chair pose, boat pose, halfway boat, hold it, seated chair, halfway fold, vinyasa, up-dog, down-dog, lunge, plank, pulse, arm up, leg up, yinyasa, up-dog and on and on and on for 60 minutes, super fast.  I actually was thinking bad thoughts about Betsy, the lovely instructor only 4 minutes in when she had us holding forearm plank for a solid 10 seconds and then added 3 more things on before we got out of the pose.

I really do love this class, I swear.

I have been seeing Betsy once a week for about six weeks now.  It doesn’t get easier, per se, as she changes up the class a lot, but, I can move with ease, I know the language better and I can tell I am getting stronger.  I know this for many reasons but the main reason is THAT I DID THE CROW POSE FOR FIVE SECONDS THIS WEEK!

Oh yeah, I did.  In the world of yoga, I am guessing crow pose falls into a medium-to-high category of awesomeness and difficulty.  But take that with a grain of salt as I literally am the furthest thing from a yogi.  (This week while I should have been focusing on my breathing and doing 46 downward facing dogs, I was annoyed at the girl next to me as she put her mat so close that her stretched arms nearly poked me in the face a few times, her feet had rough calluses and her pinky toenail was really weird.  And her eye makeup was running down her face and distracting me like five times.  So yeah, a yogi I am not.)  Okay, back to crow.  First, let me show you a couple pics of crow pose.

Years ago when I took yoga, I could rock a crow pose.  Years ago.  So when I started this Vinyasa Flow class, I had one goal in mind…to be able to do the crow pose again.  And tonight, for a whopping five seconds straight, I did it!  As I was coming out of the pose (and by “coming out” I mean rescuing myself and my full body weight from crashing my face into the floor), I literally said out loud, “Yes!”  And I looked over at callus girl and she had been in crow for like a half an hour.  But, that didn’t get me down.  I was so happy.  In fact, when I came home, Rick and I were on our patio and I showed him a SECOND time in one night!  BOOM!

You see the point here, people?  I am not a yogi.  I am not a crow pose master.  But week after week, I have pushed myself and the work paid off.  Well, it’s paying off.  I still want to refine the pose.  Do it with ease.  Ensure the position is correct.  Stay there for more than five seconds.  Then try side crow.  And other poses. That will take more work, more weeks of seeing Betsy.  But, I know I can do it.  And what a darn good feeling that is!

When you put the effort in, you see the results.  Not immediately.  Over time.  When you set goals and go after them.  With patience, endurance, faith.  Perhaps you want to run a half marathon.  Or to become a chef…or to just start kicking more at home. Or  maybe you want to start a blog.  Or lose 5 pounds.  Or have more balance in your life.  Or become a better spouse.  None of these thing happen over night.  They happen over time.  When we have intention.  And next thing you know, you are in yoga class doing the crow pose.  

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  • Well said!!! Thanks Ann!

  • Love this! I have been doing yoga for 5 years and crow is still a challenge for me. I felt the way you described when i finally got into headstand! I am taking a 2.5 hour workshop next month solely focused on arm balances bci am so committed to expanding my practice is this regard. It will feel like finishing a marathon if I ever succeed! Congrats to you!

  • Ann, your post today was especially inspiring. It’s been years since I did yoga and I really want to get back into it. I went from focusing on my running and when my running class ended (too hot for evening classes in Texas) so now I have a personal trainer twice a week and I’m focusing on building muscle (having definition in my arms). I had already lost 10 lbs and so this would be the icing on the cake if I could be toned in all the right places. Well, this and getting back into a yoga class (step 1) and doing all the poses you can do (step 2) and onto the crow pose (step ?). Thanks for your inspiration!

  • Not sure why I’m just seeing this!! Thanks for the shoutout! And you go girl! So proud of you! We will practice next time we are together!! Wooop!


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