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Friday Round Up: Gallery Walls Follow Me Wherever I Go.

I jet-set to Boston.  I go to a new restaurant in Chicago.  I buy a new jacket from J Crew.  I visit friends in San Diego.  I eat brunch with Rick.  I walk down a Westin Hotel hallway.  Everywhere I turn, gallery walls are there, smiling at me, saying “Hi Ann! We love you as much as you love us!”  My heart goes pitter-patter and next thing you know, I am the crazy lady snapping angled shots with my iPhone in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

In the past week, here are amazing gallery walls that grabbed my attention.  I always love to find inspiration in my travels and adventures and these have helped (I just completed a wall gallery wall in my master bedroom…more to come).

ann-ueno-gallery-wall-6 ann-ueno-gallery-wall-5 ann-ueno-gallery-wall-4 ann-ueno-gallery-wall-2 ann-ueno-gallery-wall ann-ueno-gallery-wall-3

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