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Friday Round Up: Our Hotels in Italy!

Alright my beloved readers, T minus one week until Rick and I board an AA flight direct to Rome.  I am so excited I can’t stand it!  And the best part?  I am not taking my work computer.  Oh and the next best part?  We have no set plans, schedule or agenda.  Oh and the next best part?  It’s ITALY!  My homeland!  Okay, fine, a few generations removed but still! Pasta is practically my middle name.

I have been to Italy once before, Rick hasn’t been.  His vision for this trip?  We will see what we can see and what we don’t, we will go back.  Um, can I get an amen?!  I am understanding more and more why I married this smart man.  And since he and I have not planned one thing for this trip, apart from the flight to and fro and the hotels, I decided to spend a little time on the trusted world wide web this week getting amped up about our hotel stays and the #spglife we will be living for some of the trip.  Being a hotelier, the hotel stays tend to be the highlights of our travel.  And unless these images are lying, I think an Italian highlight awaits!

Rome:  The St. Regis Rome (courtesy of one of our best friends, Rey)
(Photo Credit:


ann-ueno-st-regis-rome ann-ueno-st-regis-rome-3 ann-ueno-st-regis-rome-4Oh and they have a St. Regis Rome champagne ritual every evening at 7pm in Le Grand Bar.  Si, si, per favore!
Florence:  Hotel Brunelleschi
(Photo Credit:

ann-ueno-hotel-brunelleschi ann-ueno-hotel-brunelleschi-2Livernano: The Winery and Vineyard at Livernano

ann-ueno-livernano-5 ann-ueno-livernano-3 ann-ueno-livernano ann-ueno-livernano-6 ann-ueno-livernano-2Milan: The Westin Palace, Milan
(Photo Credit:

ann-ueno-westin-milan ann-ueno-westin-milan-2

I’m pretty sure we will sleep well in these hotels, right?  And eat well.  And drink well.  Praise God for vacations!  🙂

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  • Take lots of photos for me! I would love to see St. Regis Rome, I hear it’s remarkable. Photos, photos, photos! Have an amazing time. Wow. Your summery story totally beats mine. xo

  • You will live like kings and queens…..these hotels are amazing. Wow…..take a million photos! I want to hear all about it when you come back. No plans is the BEST part… what you want and when you want. Have an amazing vacation together! Enjoy each other’s company and eat, eat and eat more!!! Have a safe journey!

  • Hello Ann “Pasta” Ueno,

    About the hotels of Italy: A picture is worth a thousand words. Stunning! So when do the Kuos go on vacations with the Uenos? Uncle Dave may just pick up the tab. Try me. 🙂


    On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 8:09 AM, Ann Written Notes wrote:

    > ** > A Lifestyle Blog on interior design, travel, fashion, photography and > Ann written notes along the way. posted: “Alright my beloved readers, T > minus one week until Rick and I board an AA flight direct to Rome. I am so > excited I can’t stand it! And the best part? I am not taking my work > computer. Oh and the next best part? We have no set plans, schedule or > agend”

  • I’ve stayed at the St. Regis Rome. You will love it. The concierge there had recommended a restaurant to us which was a short few blocks away and we’ve sent people there over and over and they always come back saying that they loved it. I’ll find the name and send it to you. One thing I loved about the restaurant is that we seemed to be the only tourists. We went back a 2nd time (last night of our trip) and they were so happy to see us back and the manager hugged my mother before we left.

  • Did you take these photos of the hotels in Italy? They are beautiful enough to be on the cover of a magazine. You are quite talented! Thanks for sharing!


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