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My Home Tour Sneak Peak - House & Host
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My Home Tour Sneak Peak

Hey guys!  Hope you had a great weekend.  I am excited to report out that I have had a relaxing weekend involving NO home updates, rearranging furniture, cleaning, organizing or anything else related to home styling 🙂  Although, crazy interior design lovers like me know that the itch will probably come back in, well, like a day.  Or an hour.  Ha.  Anyways, my full home tour won’t be featured for a few weeks so I thought I would share out a few vignettes and why I love these shots.

The Bar.  I love this, well, because it’s a bar.  But more importantly I love the subtlety of my grandmother’s milk glass lamp.  My grandparents always knew how to throw a party so having this tough here warms my heart and makes me want to have martini’s for happy hour on a regular basis.


The Coffee Table.  I just love everything that is going on here.  The travel books.  The colors.  The wall gallery in the background.  The pillows reflecting off of the table.


The Bookshelf.  Domino Magazines + Design Book + Mercury Glass.  Enough said.


Me.  Um, this is awkward.  Okay, what I actually do love is Kristyna snapped this shot completely adhoc.   It wasn’t part of the plan and those are the pics that end up always being the best ones.  I think the experts call this photojournalism.ann-ueno

The Vanity.  I mean, I just love the flirty girly combo action we have going on here.  Chanel lipstick (every woman must have).  Signature perfume.  Mine happens to be Hermes Un Jardin en Mediterranee.  I’ve worn this every single day for about 7 years thanks to my dear friend Aslihan.  MAC makeup brushes.  Statement pieces of jewelry.  Ahh, I just love it!


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