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Friday Round Up: Boston, Instagrammed.

This may be completely contradictory to my travel woes post on Monday, but, I’m doing it anyways.  Why?  Because it’s my blog and I can 🙂  Isn’t that the beauty of blogging?  We can write whatever we want, whenever we want and even have spelling errors and it’s fine.  Free speech at it’s finest.  Why else?  This was one of those travel high weeks for me.  Those do happen.  Yes, traveling for work can be fun and not so sweaty and awful as I noted in the aforementioned post.  So let’s get to it.  I have an office in Boston and therefore travel to the great beantown once every 6-8 weeks, give or take.  I have been to Boston so many times and always enjoy it but this time it was that. much. better.  Why?  Let me show you through Instagram!  And to oversimplify, if you travel to Boston, here are 5 recommendations for your next trip.

  1. Stay at W Boston.  It’s a little off the beaten path, but 100% worth it.  Amazing design, delicious food, incredible rooms and most importantly, top-notch service and staff (just check out the hand-written note from the Director of Operations below as a little surprise and delight).  #whotels
  2. Eat at Neptune Oyster.  This is my all-time favorite restaurant in the world (yes, in the world).  Get oysters.  Then get the steamed clams.  Then end with a lobster roll, with butter.  Wash it down with a glass of their Sancerre (ask for it, it’s not on the menu). You will thank me later.
  3. Shop at Acquire.  It’s a boutique in the North End that has everything from super unique jewelry, hostess gifts, well-designed pillows, books, candles, etc.  It was a design dream for me.  Hopefully Mike will be working.  He’s awesome.
  4. Pamper at Bliss.  Whether it’s a quick hot-cream manicure or a full spa day, Bliss continues to be the best spa around, in my humble opinion.  I squeezed in a manicure at 8:30pm with Nancy and she rocked.  It’s wicked ‘spa-some,’ as they say at Bliss 🙂
  5. Eat at Douzo Sushi.  Located in the Back Bay area and introduced to me by my dear friend Alex, this sushi spot is not to be missed.  I have tried a bunch of things and would recommend it all.  But, most importantly, get salmon and tuna nigiri.

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