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The Conclusion of #livelikejulia - Make Things Happen! - House & Host
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The Conclusion of #livelikejulia – Make Things Happen!

I saw this quote churchill-quotes-house-and-host somewhere online this week, ahem, coincidentally, and it smacked me in the face, especially after the last week or so of what has been a monumental period of time for me, both professionally and personally.

I like things to happen.  And if they don’t happen, I like to make them happen.

Amen Winston!  I am with you, brother!   And I would say Julia Child is as well.  She was a “make things happen” kind of gal to say the least.  And while I don’t put myself fully in the Winston slash Julia category, I do have a little “make things happen” in my DNA, too.

We have to make things happen, because who else will?  The world?!  Which reminds me of that song by John Mayer, waiting on the world to change.  NO!  Come on John!  Waiting on the world to change?!  Are you kidding?  Good luck with that.  You will be waiting for a long time.  YOU CHANGE.  DO SOMETHING.  MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, DUDE!

My message here, on this lovely Friday morning, is this.  Make things happen.  Small, medium or big.  I personally have always started small…and those small things end up to be medium and sometimes big things.  Don’t try to conquer everything all at once.  Set a few goals.  Want to run a half marathon?  Okay, well, run a mile once a week for 3 weeks.  Then run two.  And so on.  Want to spend more time with your kids?  Start by coming home earlier from work 1-2 times per week.  And make those hours together extra special and memorable.  Want to be a better a husband or wife?  Start by asking your spouse how you can be better.  Want to start a non-for-profit?  Sit down and write.  Attempt a business plan.  Solicit advice from people you know, experts in the field.  Want to redecorate your whole house?  Hire me!  He he!  Seriously, just start with one room.  Finish that, save more money and then move on to room #2. Want to lose weight?  Shoot for 1 pound per week.  I know from experience on this one…even losing just 1 pound per week (which, for the record, is a healthy way to lose weight) is motivation enough to keep going.  Want to write a blog and/or learn to cook?  Start by reading the book Julie and Julia!  Ha.  Kidding…sort of.

Here’s the hard part.  Making things happen is a choice.  Choosing working out over watching Breaking Bad.  Choosing spending your Thursday nights mentoring a high school teenager vs. having dinner with your friends.  Choosing staying home on a Saturday night to learn graphic design vs. going to that party.  Choosing to go to church on Sunday mornings vs. sleep in.  Making things happen means saying no to something else.  This is, in my humble opinion, the road block for us all.  But having said a lot of, “no, I’m sorry I can’t be there” this year, this month, this week, has given me space in my life to make things, things that are more of a priority to me, happen.

Why is it important to make things happen?  Because God put us on this earth to do the work, to make things happen.  To invest in people.  To create things.  To know Him.  To take risks.  To be healthy.  To pursue passions.  To love well.  I know for me, personally, when I #livelikejulia and work hard, and make things happen, the joy and happiness in my life truly does increase.  And again, when we are in that zone of working hard, the zone of our inner Julia boning a duck, sparks fly.  And stuff gets done.  Things happen.  Small, medium and big.

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