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Hotel Design: Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter

Being in the hotel business, I have some fun opportunities to experience new destinations and new hotels.  Travel continues to inspire my designs and this week when I walked into Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter, I was like a kid in a candy store….incredibly inspired, barely able to contain myself.

I immediately asked the front desk agents about the design and couldn’t help capturing a few incredible touches at hotel.  It’s moments like these that remind me of how lucky I am to work for Starwood Hotels & Resorts and to be able to travel and experience all sorts of fun places!  Check out a few shots I snapped on my iPhone (wasn’t carrying my DSLR on a work trip so please forgive the informality).

The lobby is just truly stunning.  It feels like home.  But with art and creativity and a personality we all envy!



The room.  Ahhh, the room.  It was big and lush and inspiring.  I stood in front of this over-sized full length mirror loving on this beautiful travel quote from Pico Iyer“If travel is like love, it is, in the end, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips, like the best love affairs, never really end.”


Can we talk about this wall covering?!


I LOVE decorating with books and they rocked it, color coordinated and all!


P.S. – people ask me what my favorite Starwood brand is.  It changes every so often and frankly, I love all the brands for different reasons.  But.  Right now.  Le Meridien has captured my attention (and I’m excited we have a new LM opening near Chicago soon!) and I LOVE the hotel design.  So for now, my answer is Le Meridien.  But, I am heading to the St. Regis Bahia Beach in Puerto Rico this week so my mind may change!

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