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20 Ways to Give Thanks. - House & Host
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20 Ways to Give Thanks.

give-thanks With Thanksgiving just one week away, I wanted to stop and slow down just for a few minutes.  I know, it’s hard.  But like the Thanksgiving posts you see on FB or another tradition you follow this time of year, it is a great time of year to take a few moments – or more – and appreciate.  And I wanted to share with you a list that I sent to my team in 2010.  A list that each year pops up as a reminder on my calendar and a list that actually prompts me to take action.  And maybe, just maybe, one of these ideas will resonate with you.  Not just during this season, but perhaps every season throughout the year.

  1. Thank your parents for raising you in a healthy, loving home.  Be specific.
  2. Send a card to a friend you may have had a falling out with and thank her/him for what you learned and maybe use this time to say sorry.
  3. Recycle more this week (or start recycling).  Give thanks to the earth!
  4. Get to know a neighbor this week.  Maybe bring them a little gift or flowers or pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  Appreciate your community.  Great things can happen when you get to know your neighbors.  I know this firsthand.
  5. Invite someone who has nowhere to go for the holidays with you to Thanksgiving dinner.  Is that too uncomfortable for you? Okay, call them and let them know you are thinking of them.  Maybe grab a bite with them on Wednesday night instead.
  6. Do something EXTRA special for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.  Make their favorite meal.   Write a nice love letter (okay, okay, a bit much…)
  7. Every day this week share on Facebook what you are thankful for.
  8. Conversely, stop using Facebook for one week and use that time to slow down, to give thanks, to act on one of these things.
  9. Call an old boss or an old colleague and say hi and let them know why you appreciate him/her.
  10. Bring a hand-written thank you card to whoever is hosting you for dinner.
  11. Volunteer at a local homeless shelter and serve those who don’t have homes or a family, let alone a huge turkey, mashed potatoes and wine.
  12. Create a new tradition with your family.  Play Table Topics.  Play Spoons.  Play Scrabble.  Bring a new type of dessert or drink to celebrate the season.
  13. Write thank you cards to friends or family.  How’s that for a no-brainer?
  14. Donate some of your books to a local school, library or charity.  Appreciate the gift of reading!
  15. Let your colleagues know how much you love them.  Spend time with them this week.  Take them out for coffee or lunch or dinner.  Say thank you (and again, be specific).
  16. Let your brother, sister (and in-laws) know why you are thankful for her/him.  Maybe give a card with a picture from when you were little.  Brothers and sisters are awesome.
  17. Have your kids, nieces or nephews tell you what they are thankful for.  It’s amazing what they say.  Kids always find a way to appreciate the little, yet very important things.
  18. If you don’t regularly donate to your church or temple or an organization, start.  Even just once, right now.
  19. Pray.  And thank God for the many blessings He has given you.
  20. Pray again.  Pray for 5 people in your life.  Pray specifically for them.

Photo Credit:  Always Very

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