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Twenty Thirteen // Through My Lens

IMG_2607 Each year I love to go back through my pictures and spend a few moments smiling, being brought back to places I’ve traveled, reminded of the wonderful people who journeyed with me.  I stop to savor, one last time, the delicious food that filled me and drink that quenched me.  This is the reason I capture these moments on my camera.  To never let them go, to hold them close to me and to recreate the joy that God graciously blessed me with.

And that is just the thing.  Photos are happy moments captured.  Moments you don’t want to miss, to forget.  So my caveat here is my visual review is happy.  It’s colorful and illustrious and delicious.  Let that not be confused with any lack of dreary, bland, sorrow-filled moments.  Those happened in 2013 (if you’ve been with me, you know!).  But I obviously choose not to capture the pain on my camera.  Instead, let the next few moments give you a peek inside my life, the moments of 2013 that I loved.

An absolute highlight for me this year was the 50,000 miles I traveled, locally and internationally, for work and for pleasure, learning and understanding new people and new cultures.  We kicked off 2013 ringing in the New Year in San Antonio and closed 2013 in Southern California with many cities in between.


We celebrated my 33rd birthday in San Diego.  It’s always great to escape the Chicago cold in March and visit dear friends out West.


And just a few weeks later we went back out West to Las Vegas to celebrate my sister’s birthday.  This selfie says it all. IMG_3996

And our big trip of the year…Italy!  Oh Italy.  We ate well.  Drank well.  Made some new friends.  Reconnected with old ones.  Truly the most beautiful  country in the world.  I’d move there in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself. IMG_2184

IMG_4822 IMG_2470

IMG_2331 IMG_2236   IMG_4889


And then, another trip out West (sensing a theme here) to San Fran for the wedding of Rick’s dear cousin.


And then there were The Hamptons.  So much fun, so charming, relaxing and more importantly, we spent the weekend with dear friends who invited us into their beautiful home.



And then a little Puerto Rico to celebrate three precious years of marriage 🙂 IMG_3292

Switching gears.  I loved spending the first few months of the year doing my first extreme home makeover for a super fun client.  In case you missed it here’s a recap.  This shot is one of many visual inspirations for the home!


And then there was that time when Krystina Archer did an amazing photo shoot of my house.


And let’s not forget about one of my favorite reads of 2013 – Bread & Wine.


And speaking of Bread & Wine, how about all the fun dinner parties?  Moments around the table, with food and drinks and conversation that created laughter, joy and sometimes a few tears.  Our first Thanksgiving.  Dining al fresco.  There is nothing more magical and amazing and joyous than having people in our home.

IMG_4189 IMG_4186 IMG_3318


And then, of course, Julia Child was part of 2013. From reading her stories, to cooking her food, to watching the movie a hundred times, the one moment that certainly stands out is when I made her Boeuf Bourguignon.  Wow.


And last, just the days.  The nights.  Getting advice.  Giving advice.  Being silly.  At a party.  At a restaurant.  At an event.  At home.  With friends and family.  These are the real highlights!

IMG_4289 IMG_5965 IMG_5674


IMG_4687 IMG_4144 IMG_3933


IMG_6370 IMG_5749

As I look back on 2013, it’s clear that the visual I see is friends and family and the impact they have made on me, no matter where we were .  At home or at a restaurant in Tuscany.  The places, oh how I love the places.  But, the places are only as good and memorable as the people you share them with.  Happy New Year’s Eve 🙂

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