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Being Brave // IF: GATHERING - House & Host
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Being Brave // IF: GATHERING

if-gatherine When someone invites you to a conference, with a bunch of women, in a city a thousand miles from you, where you will know nobody, you usually say  no, right?  Yeah, most normal people would.  Me, not so much.  I said yes.

An acquaintance of mine (thanks to Project 7 and Facebook) sent me a message nearly four months ago and invited me to this thing called IF: GATHERING.  Not knowing what the heck this conference was, I clicked to learn more.  And truth be told, I was intrigued, initially, for one reason: their website design.  Yep, I am a design junkie so I appreciate and respect organizations that invest in those areas and in my eyes, the people behind the IF: GATHERING did just that.

Then I began to peruse the site to really learn and to understand if this is something I should attend, that I could add value to.  And then I flagged it to follow up.  Weeks passed.  I sent my contact an email saying I hadn’t forgotten and that I would try to register before the holidays (as registration would close soon).  I stalled.  Another month went by.

And then after the New Year, recharged and refreshed with some new personal goals set out for myself, I dug back in.  And after reading and reading, I didn’t get it.  What was this IF: GATHERING?  What were the objectives?  Who attends?  I emailed my contact again to humbly admit I didn’t get what the conference was all about.  She explained.  Essentially, to gather, equip and unleash Christian women to reach their potential.  Okay, I’m in and certainly need all the help I can get in that category.

purpose I signed up.

I booked my hotel room.

I bought airfare.

On one hand, I am excited and energized to think about what I could learn, how I can contribute and who I will meet.  On the other, I am moderately mortified to attend a conference in Texas (at least it’s in Austin!) where I literally know nobody.  To give up a weekend of my life based on my gut and the belief that God puts people in your life for many reasons and we have to be awake to that, and honor it.  But, I honored it.  And I’m going.  To Austin, Texas, to a conference that has a relatively vague objective with women I don’t know.  I’m chalking this up as my brave move in 2014.

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  • Hi! I found your blog via the IF FB page… I too signed up and am going- I do not know anyone going, I have never traveled on my own, and the thought of leaving my babies at home for an entire weekend scares the everything out of me! I found out about it the day registration cut off, and was lucky enough to snag a ticket, pay for my airfare and hotel using SkyMiles (which we never use)- He had this in his plan for me all along. But, I am certain that I am meant to go to the conference and cannot wait to see what He does through it, and through me. SO very humbled to be able to be a part of this experience. Thank you for sharing your story. Summer <3

    • Of course! Thanks for reading and look forward to meeting you. God has such fun plans for us, ha?!

      • He sure does. Can’t wait to see what He unfolds…

  • We can’t wait to have you! You’re in good hands. 🙂

    • Ha ha ha, thanks! I’m excited 🙂

  • Thank you for so honestly and eloquently stating exactly where I am at with all of this:) God led me to IF:gathering and made every detail fall into place for me. I share your jumping in and calling it brave, while still a bit awed (slightly overwhelmed!) at the details: going alone, knowing no one, not sure what will happen. I have heard many stories just like ours and thankfully it keeps me pointed at the incredible God-led opportunity before us, instead of wanting to make me run the other way:) See you in Austin:)

    • Kudos to you! Obviously many of us are in the same boat which is so perfectly organized by God. Love it. See you there!!


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