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Hotel Recommendation // St. Regis Monarch Beach

Hey everyone!  I hope you are all staying warm for those of you who are in the Midwest and Northeast.  Less than a week ago, Rick and I were in Southern California ringing in the New Year and as I sit at home watching the snow pile onto my patio with sub-zero temps, I wish I was back there!  But of course, all good weather things must come to an end.

This year I am going to start sharing more of my travel and hotel recommendations with you, starting with The St. Regis Monarch Beach, which is where we stayed last week.  First off, I want to caveat that yes, both Rick and I work for Starwood Hotels & Resorts (which St. Regis is part of).  No, I am not getting paid for this post or any Starwood-related posts (though perhaps I should negotiate that, ha?!).  And yes, we get great hotel deals and perks when we travel.  Come on!  We have a combined 40 years of working at Starwood between the two of us.  I would hope we would get a deal or two!  Okay, now that we have that cleared up…

The St. Regis Monarch Beach is a gem of a property.  One that you will save your pennies (or your Benjamin Franklins) and for a special occasion, you will splurge and you will be so happy you did!  It’s located near Laguna Beach and is about 30-40 minutes from Santa Ana airport.  The property is absolutely stunning – inside and out – and the service is impeccable. Oh and not to mention the *perfect* weather that comes for free when you stay there 🙂

This hotel, I am convinced, coined the phrase, “Room with a View.”  Each morning I would sit on our patio and enjoy the French-pressed coffee (complimentary when you are in a suite, delivered by your own personal butler and no I am not kidding) and just take in the beauty.  No better way to start your day, ha?!

And then after a run on the grounds or in the hotel gym, I’d throw on my bathing suit and plant myself there for, well, hours.  I have to say one of my favorite meals was the Mahi Mahi fish tacos at the pool, paired perfectly with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

And I’m sorry, but, are fire pits not the best feature when on vacation?  I thought so.  Before heading to dinner, Rick and I would sit right here and munch on some delicious truffle popcorn.  The temperatures were just cool enough that the fire pit was perfection.  Oh and the sunset wasn’t too shabby, either.

And overall, the hotel was a design-lovers dream.  I was snapping pictures left and right and amazed at the creative, rich designs.  I LOVED the hotel lobby.  The artwork and lighting and fresh flowers and unique seating.  Ahhhh!  It was very warm and inviting, truly a place where you want to grab a book or your iPad and a glass of wine and sit for hours.


And here’s the deal.  The St. Regis brand is one of Starwood’s premier luxury brands (and arguably one of the best brands on the globe) and you will, without a doubt, have a distinctive and memorable experience at any of the St. Regis hotels.  If you haven’t been to a St. Regis, I would highly recommend it and specifically recommend The St. Regis Monarch Beach.  Again, it’s a place you save for.  A place where forever hold in your memory and be grateful that you experienced it.

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