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Travel Moments // Zebra - House & Host
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Travel Moments // Zebra

IMG_6970 Last month when I was in Hawaii, on the Big Island, our first full day there, I had one of the coolest moments of my life.  I saw a Zebra.  In person.  Up close and personal.  And not in a zoo.  Seriously.

We were on a road trip heading to the Black Sand Beach (little did we know we were on hour one of a thirteen hour excursion together) and we drove by at around 40 mph and I glance up and see a few animals roaming around but there he was.  The most beautiful animal in the world. I screamed “oh my gosh there’s a zebra! Stop the car!  We have to turn around!”  Fortunately, the driver – and dear friend Dave – obliged.  We all jumped out and for a solid 15 minutes we took probably 100 pictures combined of this zebra.  I was in awe.  The child in me was dancing and my heart was racing and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Now, to some of you, you may have seen a zebra in real-life before and this is old news.  For others who haven’t, I promise when you do one day, you will also be in complete awe.

The entire time I was taking pictures of this gorgeous creature, I had two thoughts running through my head.  First, I wanted to redecorate my house and incorporate zebra pillows, possibly a chair and maybe even a rug.  WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL KILLER SUPPORTER AM I?!  I know, I’m sorry.  I feel awful even typing this but honestly that’s what I was thinking.  Animal-printed decorations are not my thing.  But for some reason, that’s all I could think about.  Please note that as of yet I have NOT purchased any zebra-patterened anything for my home.

The second thought was more pure and I think more acceptable to the animal rights activists.  I want to blow up, frame and hang these zebra moments in my home.  I think I can make them work somehow, in some area.  Frankly, what I would love to do is wallpaper the heck out of my guest bathroom in our main floor and hang them in there.  But, renting an apartment means no wallpaper so that’s not going to happen, though I could still hang (but it would be way cooler to hang them atop wallpaper.  Who knows but I am excited as now I have a new project that I will be tackling before the Spring.

Here are a few unedited, unfiltered pictures from this incredible travel moment.  I will be editing these up, blowing them up to likely 8×10 or larger and finding the perfect place in my home to hang them.  Should you want a zebra print – or two or three or four – in your home, feel free to message me.  But, it will cost ya. 😉

IMG_3382 IMG_3372 IMG_3371 IMG_6969


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