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Weekend Recap // Retail Therapy

This past weekend I made an intentional decision to get out of my house, brave the snow and shop.  I had a long, rough week and for some reason, I convinced myself that I should go to a few of my favorites stores where I fall to temptation instantly and shop away the stress.  Did the stress actually go away?  Um, no.  Was it fun and relaxing to wander around Anthropologie and Crate & Barrel Outlet and Jayson Home for hours?  Yes.  Mission accomplished.  Plus, I found some great sales.  All product sources listed below.  Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Brilliant White Design Book – Crate & Barrel (was $50, now $10!)
  2. Monochrome Coffee Table/Inspiration Book – Crate & Barrel (was $50, now $10!)
  3. Prepping Bowls (as if I didn’t have enough bowls) – Crate & Barrel
  4. Lunch in Paris – I bought this at Anthropologie on clearance but it’s not online anymore – Amazon
  5. Vintage Mint Green Timer – also bought from Anthro and isn’t available online (but there were loads of them in the store!)
  6. Valentine’s Day Cards – Paper Source
  7. Voluspa Candle (can we talk about that gold?!) – Anthropologie
  8. Paris Coffee Table Book (okay, this was unecessary BUT, my sister gave me a gift card to Anthro for Christmas so there’s my justification) – Anthropologie
  9. Okuno Butter Dish (see comment 7 for explanation as why the heck I bought a butter dish when I almost never even eat butter) – Anthropologie

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