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Birthday Splurge, Thanks to SJP

It’s always appropriate to buy yourself a birthday present.  It’s a tradition I’ve had since I finally started making an income that allowed me to save some cash to splurge on something I otherwise would not any other day of the year.  This year, as I walked into Nordstrom and saw Sarah Jessica Parker waving and beautiful and sweet, I knew I had to have a pair of her shoes.


I mean, she is a shoe connoisseur after all.  And her line cut no corners.  Partnering with Manolo Blahnik, she created feminine styles that are high quality, amazing comfort and bring a smile to thousands of women’s faces every day.  I perused, oooohhh’d and ahhhhh’d and then.  I saw the pair.  The pair.  I tried them on.  The heel is a perfect height.  They feel like butter.  And let’s be honest, they will be perfect for Miami.  Happy birthday to me!


And here were my runners up.  Or is it runner ups?  Anyways, if you haven’t checked out the line at your nearest Nordstrom, you should.  And, save $1 dollar a day for a year to treat yourself on your birthday!

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