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Hotel Recommendation // W Austin

Last month, I had an amazing opportunity to attend the IF Gathering in Austin, Texas and stay at one of my new favorite Starwood Hotels, The W Austin.  I was traveling solo and excited to not only experience the conference, but also, excited to get some down time at the hotel.  I arrived, had a lovely check in experience and proceeded up my room.   And by room, I mean incredibly well-designed suite featuring the best combination of patterns, colors and furniture I have ever seen in a hotel room.  Seriously.  I am not exaggerating.  As you all know, I LOVE design.  And I LOVE to travel.  And I market hotels for a living.  So when I get to travel to a beautifully designed hotel, I honestly feel like I am in heaven. So without further ado, let me share with you some of the visuals of my room that I captured while there.  And of course, I wasn’t prepared to be so blown away and therefore, didn’t have my digital SLR so these shots are from my handy dandy iPhone.

First things first.  This is what I walked into.  Yeah.  I almost fell over.  Red sofa.  Perfect sunlight.  Incredible patterns and textures.  Yes, please.


And then I start walking through the space and here’s what I find.



w-austin-hotel-19 w-austin-hotel-16

058 117 And then I got so overwhelmed with the aforementioned textures, patterns and colors, I started taking some up close and personal shots to prove this is one of the best designed hotels in the world.  Wallpaper, flooring, walls, tiles…ahhhh…heaven!


Speaking of pillows… w-austin-hotel-4 w-austin-hotel-5 w-austin-hotel-7 w-austin-hotel-3 w-austin-hotel-8 118 And people, that was just my room.  The hotel itself is nothing short of beautiful as well.  The attention to detail everywhere was remarkable.  I have to say, I have always felt the W hotel brand has led the way with design and this hotel is exactly a case in point.





And similar to the room, the pattern play dominated the public space as well!

So.  If you ever go to Austin, this is the hotel to stay at.  It’s in a perfect location right

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