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Every so often I come across brands or products or businesses that I am personally touched by.  Parachute Home is one of them.  And it all started in Italy, in a hotel, on vacation.  Given I sell travel experiences for a living, for a hotel company, this really resonated with me.  I am convinced our most memorable, life-changing, soul-rocking moments happen when we travel.  And this happened to Ariel Kaye, Founder of Parachute Home.


She gets to her hotel.  She gets into the bed.  She is in heaven.  The sheets are like butter and she is wrapped in softness.  A softness she never knew existed.  She goes back to the States, she can’t find the same thing here.  Unless she pays equivalent to a monthly mortgage for the set which clearly is uncalled for.  So what does any normal human being do?  They create it.  She creates it. She is a creator.

Enter Parachute bedding.


“Parachute bedding is manufactured using the finest long-staple Egyptian cotton. Quality of this caliber will feel exquisitely soft upon arrival, and continue to get even softer over time with use. You can enjoy a cool and crisp sensation with Percale, or a soft and smooth sensation with Sateen.” – 

The color palette choices are simple: Powder, white, ash.


The product line is simple:  Sheets, duvet, pillow cases, shams.


The price point is $50 – $249.  The linens are designed in Los Angeles, made in Italy.  They are committed to change.

“Parachute was created with the dual intent of providing a luxurious sleep experience, while also giving back as a responsible member of the business community. We know it is our social responsibility to help those in need, and that is why we have chosen to partner with the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign.”

A good night sleep, wrapped in luxe linens.  Supporting a creative entrepreneur.  Giving back to the world in a tangible way.  I. Am. Sold.  And it’s perfect timing as we need to furnish a new place in Miami!

How about you?  What do you think?

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