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Hey everyone!  Happy Tuesday.  I have been a bit of a slacker these days with the blog…work, move to Miami, evening obligations, life…it’s all getting in the way!  Anyways, one thing that has been on my mind is travel.  Why?  Because I haven’t been on a plane in 5-6 weeks which is a record and.  I.  Miss.  It.  I know, I know.  I complain when I travel too much and now I am wishing I had some travel adventures in my future.  Um, oh wait, I suppose road-tripping and moving to Miami counts, ha?!

In the absence of an airplane – and Tuscany – in my near future, I had to inspire myself with some of our past trips and share out some shots I took.  A vintage VW Beetle spotted while driving through Tuscany.  The obligatory Pike Place Market shot.  And of course, two random bikes in Paris.  I think I need to start planning a trip, don’t you?!  #traveladdict


IMG_0175 IMG_2469

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