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J Crew Debuts Stationary Line

As if I needed another reason to love J Crew, here they go launching a super fun stationary line in conjunction with Paperless Post.  Whimsy.  Outgoing.  Creative. Customizable.  Instant.  Need I say more?  I am obviously a fan and definitely see myself using these on a regular basis.  And come on.  J Crew just continues to innovate.  They push their design limits.  They explore the unexpected.  They shot their style guide in Rajasthan for crying out loud!  Ugh, love them.  Here’s a peek at their latest collaboration!

jcrew-stationary-paperless-post jcrew-stationary-paperless-post-2 jcrew-stationary-paperless-post-3 jcrew-stationary-paperless-post-4 jcrew-stationary-paperless-post-5 jcrew-stationary-paperless-post-6
To see the full collection, visit Paperless Post.

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