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Midwest in Miami, Volume 1

It has been a little over 3 weeks since we’ve moved to Miami and I sort of can’t believe it.  On one hand, it feels like we have been here for months.  On the other, I feel like I am just on a nice vacation and real life will kick in again sometime soon and the snow will start falling.


Nope.  That isn’t happening.  Instead, the sun just keeps on shining!  I am fascinated with that whole concept, btw.  It’s truly remarkable to wake up with blue skies and clear water and yellow beams covering as far as your eyes can see.  It does wonders for the mood.  Yes, of course, it’s hot.  But because it’s not yet July, it’s totally manageable and quite nice.  There is honestly nothing like taking the elevator down to L, walking a couple hundred feet and being at the ocean.  Walking alongside the waves is probably my favorite thing so far.  And I am savoring it deeply as when we move from this fantasy land living at the W, it’s doubtful the ocean will be at our disposal like it is now.  Unless we get super lucky and win the lottery in the next few business days.

Okay, let’s get into some of my learning’s thus far.  Last weekend I was here solo as Rick was in Chicago so I spent my Saturday trying to be a normal person.  For example, doing things like going to Walgreens and buying moisturizer.  What better way to feel like a local than to go to Walgreens and buy moisturizer?  Okay, so here’s a few things I  learned or that happened to me.

  1. There’s a really cute boutique across from the hotel that I have been wanting to check out.  Perfect, seems like a normal Saturday thing to do, right?  I go in, the people are nice and the clothes are, well, small.  Literally.  Every shirt that seemed viable for me had a nice “S” or “XS” tag on it.  Hmmmm.  Pregnant and have already gained 5 lbs, that XS is NOT going to work.  You know what else didn’t work?  The bracelet I tried on.  Yeah, it was too small.  A bracelet.  So that was a great way to start my Saturday.
  2. I decided to not let XS clothing bring me down and carried on.  I stumbled into Lucky – and seemingly left all my brains back at that XS boutique – and decided to try on jeans.  See note above about being pregnant.  Oh and trying on jeans after walking a mile when it’s hot = bad, sweaty, awful combination.  Don’t ever do it.
  3. Okay, enough shopping.  Get me to the post office.  Yes.  The USPS on a Saturday.  As I mentioned, I had to run errands.  To my surprise, the post office was beautiful with a grand entrance and museum-like qualities (no joke), pleasant and the people didn’t look like they hated me or their jobs for that matter.  I was in and out in about 10 minutes.  It was a big confidence booster after the boutique + jeans experience.
  4. Random fact about walking down Collins Avenue – the men smell good.  Well, depending on cologne choice.  But in general, you walk by any man at any given second on Collins and you are catching a dose of Calvin Klein or Axe.  It’s not so bad, actually.
  5. I found a small, beautiful book store called Books on Books with a cafe attached tucked away past the chaos of Lincoln Road.  Perfect.  I LOVE book stores.  Love them.  And was in need of a new book.  So my first question to the lovely gentleman behind the cash register, “Excuse me, can you show me where the Christian section is?”  He looked at me a bit odd, walked me to the religious section which was about 50-60 books total, including 1-2 books from every major religion.  So I had about 2-3 book choices so that didn’t work out so well.  Instead, I went to the new releases and snatched up Orange is the New Black and would highly recommend.
  6. As an added bonus, the Cafe at Books on Books was charming, quaint, delicious and for 20 seconds I did feel like I could be in Europe somewhere.  And then I woke up and continued eating my hummus and reading my new, non-Christian book. cafe-at-books-on-books
  7. I ended my Saturday adventure with gelato, naturally, at a gelateria oddly named 4DAgain, reference pregnancy point above.  Aside from this place having awful branding and an even worse website, they had great gelato and I found out the reason it’s named 4D is after 4 Italian brothers with a last name starting with a D.  Okay.  I get it now.


There you have it.  A little dose of Midwest in Miami and all that I am learning being a local in this crazy city!

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