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Maternity Clothes, Part Deux - House & Host

Maternity Clothes, Part Deux

Maternity clothes. Anyone out there feel my pain on finding maternity clothes that are a) in style b) won’t completely break the bank and c) can be found in a brick and mortar store?  Maybe I am alone with this clothing crisis but my gut tells me I’m not.

You see, I hvae noted before and I will note again.  I don’t like shopping for clothes online.  And I definitely don’t like shopping for maternity clothes online.  Case in point:  I bought a very expensive pair of pants and jeans from Hatch in what I think translated to a size large and I kid you not, neither pant nor jean made it above my thighs.  Back to UPS I go…

Conversely, I went to Old Navy and Gap and their teeny tiny selections consist of:  mid length cotton skirts that I would never wear even if I wasn’t pregnant.  Jeans that are decent.  Cotton maxi dresses that are just okay.  And loads and loads of tee shirts.  All at cheap prices.  And therefore, it’s just that.  Cheaper quality.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  But, when I work and travel and have events, I need a healthy blend of good quality/professional and loungy type clothes.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have a few great staples from the Gap maternity collection.  But people, I need more.

Enter:  Belly Dance Maternity.  Oh, Belly Dance how I love you!  My dear friend Vaneesha insisted we go (it’s a brick-and-mortar in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood and they also have a store in NYC AND they have website) and insisted I would love it.  She was spot on.  It is a higher price point but the quality is incredible.  The designs are great consisting of both staple pieces and otherwise.  Jeans.  Pants.  Dresses.  Tops.  Tees.  I love their fabrics and brands they carry.  I am a Belly Dance believer.  Here are some staples I snagged up and am currently wearing as I tip past the halfway point of my pregnancy.



1 / Tees by Tina Crinkle Dress 2/ Nom Navy Stripe Tee 3/ Tees by Tina Crinkle Dress

4/ Nom Black Dress 5/ Loyal Hana Black and White Silk Top 6/ Nom Grey Stripe Tank







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