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Shop Feature // Glassybaby

Lee Rhodes is diagnosed with cancer for the third time, she is a mother of three. Lee remembers meeting patients in waiting rooms who could not afford day-to-day costs like bus fare, childcare and groceries during chemotherapy. While entertaining friends, she drops a tea light into a roughly hewn glass cup, and the first Glassybaby is born. (taken from


As I strolled the streets of Bellevue, a city just minutes from Seattle, I stumbled upon a vibrant, yet simple store filled with hundreds and hundreds of colorful glass candle holders.  My initial reaction was that they were pretty, but did I really need another candle-related anything?!  And did I need to spend $44 on a candle-related anything?  No.

And moments later I am engulfed and inspired by the story of how Glassybaby was founded.  It began with a light of hope.  Founder, three-time cancer survivor, mom of three, Lee Rhodes found great healing from the soothing light of a candle-lit Glassybaby.  So what did she do?  She became a designer.  She learned how to blow glass.  She partnered with artists.  She became a woman entrepreneur.  And in 2001, Glassybaby is officially founded.


As the woman showed me around the store and continued sharing the Glassybaby story, I wanted to buy 20 of them!  I was addicted as she would light a tea light to show me how each Glassybaby reflects the light differently, uniquely as they are all one of a kind.  It wasn’t just the product that sold me.  It was the variety.  The story.  The founder.  The brilliance (in more ways than one).  And, the give back. 10% of sales go to various organizations to support people in need.  In fact, in 2014, they reached $2MM in charitable giving!


Another thing I love about these are they are collectables.  I can’t wait to grow my collection over the years.  For the baby (ahem, nursery).  For the powder room.  For the party.  For holiday celebrations.  For the living room.  To use as vases.  For the office.  Perhaps a pen holder? They make a perfect gift, housewarming and otherwise.  (Get ready friends and family, these will likely be my go-to gift going forward.) And, you can rent them!  If you want them for a wedding or a shower or cocktail party, they rent for just $5 each and make beautiful, simple decor.

I am sure you are wondering…which one did I buy?!  It was hard.  I was in the store for at least 40 minutes and finally went with my gut.  A bright, neon-esque yellow that reminded me of Miami.  Canary.  It was my housewarming gift to myself 😉




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