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Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks!

As I am well into my third trimester, I have definitely had my go at all kinds of stretch mark lotions and oils and butters and creams to prevent those buggers from making their way into my life.  And listen, I am not some naive consumer who thinks spending loads of my hard-earned cash on tummy rubs will prevent stretch marks.  Often times, they are hereditary.  And other times, they make their appearance because we take the whole “eating for two” far too literally and next thing you know, we have gained 20 lbs in our first trimester.  Ouch.

For me, I actually already have stretch marks from years ago when I decided to put on the Freshman 20 (yes, 20, not 15).  But they aren’t horrendous.  And, I wouldn’t trade that bagel or giants bowls (plural) of pasta I ate every single day or beers or pizza at 2am for anything.  I just wouldn’t.

Okay, back to the point here.  Because I do have a bit of stretch marks, when I got pregnant, I did want to do my best to prevent them from getting worse, prevent new ones and keep my skin hydrated (can someone say itch relief?!).  That first had to start with me not “eating for two” and going crazy with food.  And second, I had to try out a few different brands to see which worked for me.  Below is the list of all of them I tried (sources also noted).  Yes, I tried all six.  And I uncovered two things:

1.  My top two favorites are Basq and Mama Mio.  I love Basq.  LOVE it.  I love the smell, the texture and a little goes a long way!  I use their exfoliation in the shower, the oil after that and then their creams and butters.  And I am diligent about it. Mama Mio is also very good for the same reasons above.  I just happened to receive their travel set gift months ago so I use that on the road.  They are a close tie in my book.

2.  I plan on using these products post pregnancy.  They are filled with great vitamins and nutrients and do wonders on my skin.  So, they aren’t just for mama’s-to-be.  I recommend for any gal who wants a nourishing, daily body moisturizer.

I will end with this.  These things are very personal.  Smell alone could deter a first trimester mom-to-be from some of the products below.  So you do have to test and learn on your own.  But, if this list could be a start for you and could help a bit, I have done my job!  Happy moisturizing!  Oh, one more thing.  I still have about 9-10 weeks to go, but, so far, no new stretch marks.  Thank you, Basq and Mama Mio!


House and Host Pre Natal Stretch Mark Lotion and Oil-2

Mama Mio // Burt’s Bees // Basq NYC // Palmer’s // Mustela // Bio Oil // Mederma

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