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My Six Hosting Essentials

Since living in a hotel for, ahem, 4 1/2 months, hosting has gone a bit by the wayside.  But, my passion for doing so hasn’t.  So in the absence of actually hosting cocktail parties and bbq’s and intimate dinner parties al fresco, I decided to bring you my six hosting essentials curated by yours truly.  I would say that 95% of the parties and dinners I host, I am equipped with all 6 of these goodies!


1.  I use these slate cheeseboards from Crate & Barrel for so many things.  For a cheese board, of course.  I lean them and use them as welcome signs chalking the guest of honors name, for example.  I use them as a serving tray for all kinds of food.  They are versatile and worth getting!

2.  A welcome cocktail.  If you aren’t in the mood to be creative or you don’t have time to bring out your inner mixologist, just go back to basics.  Serve a glass of champagne or prosecco to get people in the mood.  Done and done!

3.  Cute cloth napkins.  These are from Anthropologie and I love them as they are modern french, reusable and neutral.

4.  Fresh flowers in the guest bathroom.  This example is perfect as it literally is 3 stems in small vase set right on the sink.  Perfect.  You could use a vase or a mason jar or a candle holder that no longer has a candle in it.  And just go to your local grocery store or florist and spend $10 or less on some flowers.  Easy, beautiful and cheap!

5.  A few candles to enhance the ambiance.  I usually light a candle in the bathroom and have 1-2 more in the living/dining space depending on the theme and party type.  This Voluspa candle from Anthropologie is my favorite.  Like I love it to pieces.  The smell is bold and floral and fresh.  I usually light this particular one in the bathroom as it’s pretty fragrant and you don’t want to compete with the smell of food in your living/dining/kitchen area.

6.  Something sweet.  I have a sweet tooth.  I love chocolate and ice cream and cupcakes and brownies and cake and I believe that a party isn’t a party unless something sweet is served.  And when push comes to shove, skip the baking and go to the store or a local bakery and pick up something.  You don’t need to be the hero and unless you are Martha Stewart, spending a few bucks at a bakery or cupcake shop will result in a far prettier dessert, yes?!

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