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{Motherly} Words of Wisdom

Ahhh!  I have been crazy these days and my poor little blog has taken a back seat.  Why?  A couple reasons.  One, we just moved into our new house a couple weeks ago and unpacking and nesting and nesting and nesting has taken over my spare time.  Did I mention nesting?!  Two, I have so many thoughts and things to say and feel like it requires some space and I just haven’t had it.

So.  Here I am.  And one of the things that is on my mind is this baby girl that continues to wiggle and kick and grow in my belly.  I am a little over 34 weeks and I am at the stage of complete panic and fear and excitement (and about 20 other emotions).  And in the midst of a midnight Google search to help ease my fears, I came across a post from The Glitter Guide from last Mother’s Day.  A few mom share their advice and words of wisdom on motherhood and I loved reading and wanted to share.  And I promise to get back into the swing of things and share some updates on our house, home inspiration, prepping to deliver a baby and a few hormonal thoughts in between 😉

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