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Four Years

Today marks our four year wedding anniversary and I feel overwhelmingly grateful to be sharing my life with this amazing man.


Yes, he comes with flaws and yes, he drives me crazy.  But at his core, he is a God-fearing man, a man of integrity, a man with an amazing sense of humor, a super-duper hard worker,  a man that doesn’t sweat the small stuff, who loves well and is always willing to grow and work together on our marriage.  Frankly, that is one of my favorite things about him.  He will try to do better.  And in our marriage – and likely other marriages – we have to always want to get better.  Because when two imperfect human beings come together, it creates an imperfect – yet special and incredible – bond.  And one that requires work. And to have a partner that makes me laugh, keeps me honest, sanctifies me AND grows and works on our marriage as much as we did on day one?  Yeah, it’s a giant blessing from God.  One that I don’t take lightly.


The love I have for this guy is hard to describe yet at the same time, simple in many ways.  He truly is my best friend and I fall in love with him more and more as each day passes us.  And it hurts my heart at times.  Like that painful love.  Like I can’t wait to see him at night after work.  And when he leaves for work in the morning, I think, “wow, I love that guy” and my heart already starts to miss him (I know, barf…but it’s true!).  He’s so special.  Like really, really special and I want him by my side always.

And as I reflect on four years, what comes to me is just a smile and warm heart of what we have been through together.


We have traveled and had many of nights at home, just the two of us.  And other times our house has been filled with people we love.

We have laughed…a lot.

And we have cried.  We have fought and loved and prayed and lost and loved again…and again.  We have celebrated success and milestones and dreams coming true.  And we have wept at those who are no longer with us.  And we have wept over four lost children…four children that we will meet in heaven one day.  We have trusted God.  And then questioned God.  And then thanked God.  We’ve shared our life with many friends and family that we love more than words can say.  We’ve packed boxes and said goodbye to a place, Chicago, that will forever hold a place in our hearts.  We’ve closed chapters and opened new ones.  We have made big messes and we’ve cleaned up our messes.  We’ve asked for forgiveness.  Over and over.  Because in a marriage, that’s what you do.  And man oh man, we have had – and still do – have fun.  Lots of it.




Apartment 030

San Francisco 069

And through it all, we haven’t lost sight of why we are here today.  God.  He orchestrated this, he continues to do work in both of us and in our marriage.  He is the reason we can celebrate our love and marriage yesterday, today and tomorrow.  And for that, we are humbled.  We are thankful.  And we celebrate this union today.  This union that is a complete and perfect gift from God.

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