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6 Gifts for Mom-to-Be

In the last week, I have seen 3 pregnancy announcements come through Facebook.  What a blessing!  That moment is such a special time for the mom-to-be. And it got me thinking about when I first became pregnant and how so many dear friends and family members showered me with all kinds of love.  Phone calls, texts, prayers, cards, flowers and gifts.  It was such a special time that I will always cherish.

And if you are the friend or sister or cousin or co-worker that loves the art of gift-giving, this post is for you!  Here is a simple, curated list of gifts that I think are perfect for a newly pregnant friend or family member.  Whether you want to gift something really special (like, say, a Glassybaby) or something really practical (a book or gift card), one of these 6 gifts for mom-to-be will be perfect!


1.  Belly Dance Maternity Gift Card – Belly Dance is for sure my favorite maternity clothing store.  Cute, comfortable, non-frumpy clothes are CLUTCH when you are preggars!

2.  Bringing Up Bebe – Pregnancy books can be controversial and super subjective.  But hands down, this is the best pre-natal book out there and one I highly recommend.  Not that I am biased or being super subjective or anything 😉

3.  Bliss Spa Gift Card – no brainer.  Give her some pampering at one of the best spas in the U S of A.

4. Glassybaby – get her collection started!  Glassybaby is my new addiction, a perfect gift, a great price point and super special.  Check out the website, the story and the variety to choose from.  I promise you will want to buy one!

5.  David’s Tea Starter Kit – I became addicted to tea when my friend, Vaneesha, gifted me David’s Tea.  My taste buds fell in mad love.  Their tea is absolutely delicious and during the first trimester, it could be just what mama-to-be needs.  If not, she can save it for the second trimester!

6.  Mama Mio Starter Kit – I received this from my hubby and it quickly became a daily routine for me.  I like the smell (but again, in first trimester senses are crazy so either your friend will love the smell or hate it…but she can save it for second trimester when hormones chill out a bit), the texture is perfect and it makes an impact on your changing skin.

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