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The J Crew Hair Barrette - House & Host

The J Crew Hair Barrette

You guys.  I was at J Crew this weekend (shocking, I know) and spotted a blast from the past hair accessory…the ponytail hair barrette!  Have you seen these?  I hadn’t but perhaps these made their debut months ago and I’m just now “that mom”who will grow increasingly more behind the fashion times?  (Really?  Is that going to really happen?!)

Regardless, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I picked one up and instantly was brought back to 1992 when I was a very bratty, pubescent (sorry mom) soon-to-be teenager sporting various versions of this infamous – er, I mean, famous – hair clip/barrette/ponytail holder.  I specifically remember rocking the ponytail folded under (think makeshift bun) whilst using these clips.

And what?  They are at J Crew now?  Yeah, I’m in love.  And yes, I bought two and will be wearing both on the reg.  (Ashley Diestel, if you read my blog, that quote was for you).   What do we think, will J Crew start selling banana clips soon?  Travel sized AquaNet hair spray?  Slap bracelets?  I’d be fine with all three.  #letsbehonest

jcrew-hair-barrette jcrew-hair-barrette-2 jcrew-hair-barrette-3

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