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Zoey’s Nursery!


I am so excited to officially share with you Zoey’s nursery and a few newborn pictures!  Her nursery means so much more to me than a fun design project.  It means a baby.  It means a space for a life that often times, I didn’t think we would get to have.  It means a growing family.  A haven where Zoey can call home, can be safe, can have fun, can learn, grow.   It represents so many things, emotions and most of all, love.

When I started the design process, there was no head or intellect involved.  It was all heart.  ALL HEART.  I wanted her nursery to be a place of warmth and family and meaning.  Yes, of course, it had to be functional.  But more than that, it had to be a little space we all could escape to, sit, pray, be comfortable.

Every time I am in there listening to music with her or rocking her or nursing her, there is a peace that takes over and a joy in my heart that is the best feeling in the world.  I believe with all my heart, spaces and rooms and nurseries and homes overall can create those emotions for people.  Hence why I am so passionate about design 🙂  It’s more than an expensive chair or painted walls or a perfect piece of art.  It’s the feeling, the emotion, the meaning.  And this nursery is doing all the things I wanted it to and as an added bonus, it’s cute.  Ha.

Without further ado, welcome to Zoey Ai’s little room.  In the next week I am going to dissect the details and share more of the background of the pieces, the art, etc. as well as resources so you know where to get everything.  I have gotten a handful of questions already on where I bought certain things so I figured that would help!

Last, a BIG thank you to Roxanne of Lilibean Photography!  She captured Zoey’s nursery perfectly and all credit to the images below goes to her.





Ann-Ueno-Nursery-13 Ann-Ueno-Nursery-6 Ann-Ueno-Nursery-4



Ann-Ueno-Nursery-12 Ann-Ueno-Nursery-10 Ann-Ueno-Nursery-9








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