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Anthropologie Home Collection

Have I ever mentioned that Anthropologie is my favorite home store of all time? Oh, really, I haven’t?  Yes I have you just haven’t been listening.  Seriously, I oooooh and ahhhhh over basically every single product they have.  I spend hours on their website dreaming about winning the lottery and taking my earnings and investing in Anthropologie goods.  And yes, I sometimes take some of my hard-earned real cash (vs. the make believe lottery winnings) and splurge on a little something.

You could say I am addict.  I would say I am an addict.  Which is a good thing as isn’t the first step in healing addiction admitting your problem?  Yeah, I am SO okay having this addiction.

And then.  Their Spring Home Collection came out and occupied like every creative, desiring, day-dreaming brain cell that I have.  And while I save my cash – or win the lottery, whichever comes first – I am here to show you what I am ooohhhing about right now.

All products can be found on  the Spring 2015 Anthropologie Home Collection site.

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