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The Privilege of Prayer - House & Host
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The Privilege of Prayer

I started this morning with my head bowed down and my hands covering my face and eyes. I asked God first to forgive me. Forgive me that each day I fail and mess up and run in the opposite direction I am called to, to a race that I don’t even think God has orchestrated. What is wrong with me? Why do I judge? Gossip? Why am I so selfish? Ugh. Gross.

This race in the world is what I’m running and I need to stop, turn around and go back to the start line of the race God is calling me to run. You guys, I do this ever y day. Restart the race. I have to because I am just a broken, messed up chick who puts my selfish desires and needs and wants in front of, well, so much.

And then I start praying specifically for people. I pray for the little boy, not even 6 months old, who has been fighting for his life since he has been born. I pray for his parents. For their marriage. For strength. That God would give them what they need right now, for today. That God would be bigger than all of this. That there would be a miracle.

I pray for the sweet little girl, just a couple of years old, who also is fighting for her life. And her parents are fighting for her life. And her parents friends are fighting for her life. Everyone is fighting for her and praying for her. We are praying for a miracle.

And then I pray for the woman who is fighting for her life. About ot embark on a transplant that statistically isn’t very promising. But I pray for her, for her full restoration and healing. I pray for her husband and her kids that need her. Her kids need their mom. I pray for a miracle.

I don’t personally know these three precious people. But I was asked to pray for them. To pray for miracles. And so, I am.


And then I pray for those close to me. For women in my life to intimately know Jesus and live a life for God. For the broken to be healed. I pray for close friends who desire so badly to be a mom…I pray they will have babies. That God would give them the gift of mothering a child, that we would witness a miracle. That their bodies could carry a child full-term.

I pray specifically for Rick today. I pray God’s protection and love and mercy on Zoey. I pray for myself. Among other things, I pray just for the day ahead (because that’s all I have, right?), I pray for peace and I pray that it’s productive (yes, I pray for productivity).

I pray for all of us to know there is forgiveness every single minute of every single day. That we can start a new race, every single day if we need to. I know I need to. Sometimes I have to restart that race 5 times a day. And God meets me right there at the starting line, cheering me on. Wow, that’s an awesome God.

And it occurs to me, after my prayers, before I open my bible that I have one of the best privileges in the world, on this earth. I get to pray for people. I get to pray for people I don’t know, people I do know. I get to ask God each day for things that for some people seem absurd but for God, is normal and what He craves of us. And the goose bumps come over me, literally. And I thank God for the privilege of prayer. For allowing me to go before people who can’t pray, don’t know how to pray, don’t want to pray. For reminding me that God hears prayers, He answers prayers and how He is okay when we have to stop our race and get back on track with Him.

I didn’t want to get up early this morning. But I did. And I am glad I did. And I am expectant to see what God will do with the prayer requests I’ve sent him today.  Because this is, my friends, the privilege of prayer.  We get to pray, believe, have faith and watch God to incredible work in the lives of many.

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