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Rooted Chicago

Hey hey!  I am SUPER thrilled (and honored and humbled) to share with you an incredible event that is being held in Chicago, featuring one of my haven’t-met-but-one-day-hope-to-woman-crush Jen HatmakerWho happens to be brilliant and funny and real and inspirational.

This day is one of those days you will go and be transformed.  You will meet women that may change your life.  You will hear from women who also may change your life.  You will hear God talking to you.  You may cry.  And laugh.  And all of the above.

So to my women in Chicago, sign up.  Like right now.  Even if this doesn’t make sense.  Still sign up.  Even if you have plans.  Cancel.  It will be worth it.  Even if you can’t go the whole day.  Go for 2 hours. 

Just go.  Because events like this matter, are special, are life-changing and having gone to many personally, I am super excited to support and cheer on the team behind Rooted Chicago.


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